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Author - Michael VegaFrom the very beginning, humankind has spent their time and effort to innovate things to improve their life. The first big breakthrough in the field of technology came with the invention of the wheel which has changed the world forever.

That single wheel has paved the way by showing innovators the track to a future where people with the imagination and skill can mold a world the way they would want it too.

Since then, technology has improved by leaps and bounds. Now, we are at the peak of it, and there is no sign of slowing down. Every day, we get introduced to some new tech or an improved version of already existing tech.

There is a flood of information, and still, there is so much that we are unaware of happening in the tech industry. We don’t get all the news, just the ones that every news media talks about all over the internet. But what about the rest!

Technonews is your one-stop destination to track all the changes happening within the tech world. Unlike the big giants in the media, we don’t just publish news to trend.

We try to focus on everything significant going on within the tech industry to give our readers a better understanding of it. Technonews has a clear goal to become the quintessential technology news site for both the general people and also for the people within the industry.

We aim to do so by filtering the flood of information about technology and try to provide our readers with authentic news. We accomplish this by surveying all over the internet to link stories to give the readers an accurate report.

We are not running a blog just for fun. We do proper journalism work and has a team where everyone does their job to perfection. We write the pieces in clear, simple language and has an excellent editorial staff which governs everything independently to make sure the work done here meets the quality.

Here at Technonews we do features, Information analysis, Guidance, reviews to take our readers to the deeper water within technologies and Art and help them understand the impact of it.

We Started:

Technonews started in 2018 to become the leading art and tech site. It was the brainchild of Michael Vega, the founder and one of the writers of the blog.

He was always interested to know more about tech and art, and how it helps to reshape the world, which led him to create this beautiful, independent media outlet. And to this date, we remain an independent, private company in a complex media landscape.

How we select

Extensive research and market analyzing is the main way to select the best goods for you. We do analyze the market demand of the recent time, which products are in fire position, how customer react and review on them, the rating of the product, and the authentication of the company.

Then select a product for sending to our expert team, they do buy or contact a real user of the product nearby. Then test the product, note down the actual user experience and then personally rate products according to their observation.

At last finally, the team send their decision for a particular product to us and we present it to you.

Why should you trust us?

The question is already answered in the previous part, but let me clarify again. While you run for a particular product type, you spend time and effort on it; obviously, you will gather extensive knowledge on this product.

The same we do professionally and credibly. Our team of experts professionally do the research, analyze, and test then recommend a product. And we always take a concern about the reputation and authentication of the manufacturer companies which are serving for years.


I am Michael Vega, one of the authors and co-founders of the art and techno blog. I am an engineering grad from the University of California–Berkeley. And I was destined to be one. I live in New York. 

That’s because, from a very early age, I grew a keen interest in technology. I used to take apart gadgets all the time to see how they worked, and it got me into troubles. But it didn’t stop me as my love for the technology only increased the more I got to know about the inner mechanism of the machines.

That’s why I put myself through one of the best institutions in the country to get real up close to the tech world. But after completing my graduation, I could have gone to take a job and work as an engineer for any company.

But I didn’t want to be caged. Instead, I was keen on learning about the latest trends in tech and how it is going to change the world. And that’s when I came up with the idea of running a tech blog.

I ran past the idea to some close friends, and they were on board with me. And that’s how Techno information got started. Art is my passion and also I practice watercolor art on my easel’s canvas as a passion, an interesting fact that this website name is selected (CanvasTune) from my passionate emotion.

The idea of a tech blog isn’t new. But I thought of doing things differently as I saw a gap in the market. Most of the times, big blogs run stories that trend well over the internet.

It’s all about clickbait, to be honest. They only care about the news that makes people visit the website. Not that they don’t do excellent journalism work, but the pieces they choose to do are more often is done keeping in mind that it should be able to lure people in to visit their blog. But I didn’t care about nitpicking news.

The motto of our blog is simple; we cover everything related to the tech and art world, whether the feat is small or big. And that motto is something me and my co-founders believe in till this day.

That’s why we not only publish stories that get all the media attention but also focus on stories that are usually overlooked by the giants of the blogosphere.

Now, as a writer for the blog, I play my part by doing the proper groundwork for each piece I am assigned with. The process is relatively simple; I get a topic and then take my time to find legitimate sources to give the readers 100% authentic info about it.

But it isn’t just me doing everything; it is a team effort as everyone helps each other to complete their assignment. That’s because being involved in each other work, we can have an honest conversation on the projects and guide one another to do the job to the best of our capabilities.

And obviously, each of the content goes through the editor before it is given the green light to be published on the website.

I am quite aware that as a writer, I have the power to influence my readers. Most blogs use this to create a hype about a particular gadget to help with the sell.

But I believe in keeping an honest relationship with the readers. So, I never push products if it isn’t genuinely great. Nor I give attention to something just because it interests me personally.

The goal has always been to cover everything happening in the tech business, and that’s what my team and I do here. So, my readers can be pretty assured they will be always be getting to know every secret, big or small that takes place within the art and tech industry.


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