7 Best Mechanical Pencil For Drawing Review & Comparison

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There are thousands of mechanical pencils on the market, and when it comes to choosing which one to buy, it can get a little confusing.

Buying the best mechanical pencil for drawing is a hectic job. We all have experience with them, and each one is worse than the others. Some are stuck with the lead inside, and others have had their push system broken.

This is because, in ordinary stationeries, they usually do not have the best mechanical pencils on the market, much less if you are looking for one specifically for professional drawing.

We continue to choose cheap mechanical pencils that end up tiring us, because they are also not very ergonomic, nor do they have a strong aesthetic. In the long run, we spend a pretty penny on mediocre stuff. And we keep wondering about what is the best mechanical pencil for drawing.

Best Mechanical Pencil For Drawing Comparison Chart

Top-rated 7 Mechanical Pencil for Drawing Reviews 2021

In this article, we are going to list what are probably the best mechanical pencils to draw, and we will also explain in detail their strengths and special functions.

1) Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils

The quality of the paper mate brand is indisputable. There’s no doubt. Paper mate manufactures various types of mechanical pencils for architecture and engineering. But, of all its product catalog, the paper mate mechanical pencils are probably the best. The grip of its handle is spectacular.

We are talking about a genuinely professional mechanical pencil. This pencil is made of high-quality materials, and its parts are machined with high precision.

The rough knurled texture of its grip ensures a comfortable and precise grip. It is perfect to use with rules and templates of all kinds and also for dimensions, underlining texts, reviewing plans, etc.

The paper mate mechanical pencil is one of the best mechanical pencils ever created. It is blue and white in color and has a rubber design. It is a high precision technical instrument that draws lines with ease and poise. Essential in the professional office.

Things we liked:

  • Perfect for line drawing
  • Mechanical pencil with a lead protection mechanism
  • Sliding shell and lead protection mechanism
  • 7 mm lead
  • Features a built-in eraser under the hood button

Things we didn’t like:

  • The real product may seem a bit different than the picture


2) Rotring Retractable Mechanical Pencil

A mechanical pencil that cannot be missed on this list is the Rotring retractable mechanical pencil.

A straightforward and economical technical pen from the Rotring brand. It is the ideal companion for fieldwork: hard, resistant, and very useful. It is one of the best mechanical pencils, the Rotring series.

The handle of this mechanical pencil is very similar to that of the Rotring other technical models: with rough and marked knurling on metal that provides excellent grip.

Includes non-retractable long type toe, ideal for rulers and templates. Underneath the threaded shell is the typically machined brass clamp. The clamping of the lead is beneficial (the edge does not slide in even though enough pressure is exerted).

This model is very suitable for sketching, drawing, and writing. It is an ideal mechanical pencil for cartoonists, fine arts, Portraits, technical office, engineering, and architecture.

Things we liked:

  • Full metal body makes the ideal balance to create a perfect sketch or drawing
  • The metallic grip allows you to hold the pencil for a long hour without slipping
  • More extended running ability ensures customer satisfaction

Things we didn’t like:

  • The leads break sometimes


3) Pentel Graph Gear Pencil

The pentel graph gear is the mechanical pencil that pentel offers you as an alternative to Rotring.

Its design is unforgiving, and you have it available in 0.3 millimeters. It highlights its long straight metal tip, suitable even for the thickest insoles and rulers.

The graph gear 1000’s clip design breaks with everything you’ve seen so far. Although it looks like an office clamp, its operation could not be more productive.

It is the perfect technical pencil to always carry with you. Undoubtedly, another of the best mechanical pencils on the market and one of the best quality/price ratio.

Things we liked:

  • It comes with a refillable eraser
  • The metallic grip is suitable for long time work
  • Very well weighted and well balanced
  • Easy to control during working

Things we didn’t like:

  • Its finish is not that of the Rotring level (but neither is its price).


4) Pentel Twist-erase iii Pencil

This is one of the highest-end mechanical pencils from pentel, specially designed for technical drawing and illustration. It is made of heavy metal, which makes it very consistent and gives it a right center of gravity.

The grip is made with a mixture of metal and small rubber ovals that make it non-slip. If you are looking for a mechanical pencil with good design and resistance, this model ensures quality and performance for many years.

The head is retractable, and when you press the clip, it fully retracts to protect the leads. They also usually have a small piece of metal on the back of the rubber, which is used to unclog the leads and clean the mechanical pencil mechanism.

If you like this mechanical pencil, we recommend that you buy a pack of 2 in which two pencils and two erasers will come.

The prices of this pack compensate quite a lot, concerning the individual mechanical pencils and make it an ideal gift. Although obviously, you can buy them separately with a price similar to the previous ones.

Things we liked:

  • It is a sturdy and heavy mechanical pencil.
  • This can be suitable for you if you are looking for a mechanical pencil with a retractable head.
  • A mechanical pencil with an elegant design that you can use as a gift.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The colors can be a little different than they seem


5) Jimmidda Mechanical Pencils

This mechanical pencil is very light, and you hardly notice the weight when drawing. It is our favorite and the one we consider one of the best mechanical pencils on the market.

With other mechanical pencils or pencils, the lead wears down on the side we draw with, and we have to turn it to get fine lines regularly. This makes the thickness of our strokes vary and also causes breakage of the tip that loose graphite on the paper.

The jimmidda, on the other hand, has an internal mechanism that turns the lead every time it comes into contact with the paper. This prevents the lead from wearing down on one side and allows us always to achieve precise lines.

Things we liked:

  • The metal body is drop resistant
  • The pencil is lightweight yet strong and durable
  • The metal sheath provides strength and durability to the lead.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The lead is sometimes squeaky


6) Uni Mechanical Pencil

The uni mechanical pencil has a rotation system and focuses on the anti-lead breakage system, which allows you to exert all the pressure you want, keeping the lead intact.

It works amazingly well on all angles of the mechanical pencil and not just when you draw with the automatic pencil upright. These Japanese pencils are fantastic.

This system is exclusive to this mechanical pencil, and there is no other that protects the lead in the same way.

The trick is to position the lead between two springs so that when you press it against the paper with some force, the lead gently turns back inside. This, in addition to protecting the lead, makes the drawing feel very smooth.

This version has a tank made of lightweight metal and a more oppressive brass grip, giving it an outstanding balance when gripping it. It Uses 0.5mm leads.

Things we liked:

  • If you want the best mechanical pencil to draw with a rotation system, this is a perfect choice.
  • Best mechanical pencil for drawing anime
  • A mechanical pencil with anti-breakage system
  • The full metal body provides an excellent grip

Things we didn’t like:

  • The eraser is pretty smaller


7) Rotring Black Barrel Mechanical Pencil

The Rotring brand is known for its high-quality products for professionals. It has a wide range of mechanical pencils, although some have slightly higher prices.

The Rotring black barrel is at the midpoint, and in my opinion, it is the best mechanical pencil of the brand regarding its relation between quality and price.

It is a simple mechanical pencil without innovative mechanisms, but with supreme quality. It is made entirely of metal, and the push system of the lead is exact.

Like the previous mechanical pencils on the list, it is very comfortable and provides a perfect drawing and writing feeling. It is available with 0.5 mm leads.

Things we liked:

  • If you want a “simple” mechanical pencil with the best quality check this out
  • The solid build is very intriguing
  • A very out of the box construction
  • Best mechanical pencil for artists

Things we didn’t like:

  • The eraser is not up to the mark


Buying guide for best mechanical drawing pencil

Mechanisms of the mechanical pencil

Mechanisms of the mechanical pencil

There are different mechanisms, and each one has its peculiarities.

Click-turn mechanism

It is perhaps the most common mechanism. It works the same way as pens, where pressing the button on the top causes the tip of the pen to come out.

In the case of mechanical pencils, it works the same way, and simply adds a central deposit for leads. They also have a small piece at the tip that keeps the lead out of the mechanical pencil.

This piece also allows you to insert it inside, holding the upper button pressed and pushing it at the same time.

Left-right turn or continuous turn mechanism

This type of mechanical pencil does not have a button on the top, but they use a device similar to a screw, which pushes the lead as it rotates.

If we want to push the lead out, we turn the system to one side, while to save it, we convert it to the opposite side.

All mechanical pencils with this system use fat lead to more than 1mm. I have never seen one that uses exceptional leads.

Stirring mechanism

The mechanism of these mechanical pencils allows us to remove the lead by merely shaking it. It may seem silly, but it is very comfortable not having to stop to press the button always, mainly if you apply a lot of force when drawing.

Although, as with the previous system, there are not too many mechanical pencils with this system. The only one we know of is the zebra test.


These go one step further and automatically advance the lead without having to press a button or shake the mechanical pencil. You just have to stop when the lead is completely worn out.

This system is not for everyone, since for the lead to come out automatically, it has to wear out almost entirely and touch a small piece of the tip, which will make more lead come out again.

If you like working with a long nose, this makes it a little more complicated.

Likewise, they also have the typical button of the other systems so that you can remove the lead manually. They simply add this feature for those who prefer it.

Kuru Toga

The revolutionary system invented in japan makes the lead spin every time it touches the paper. This allows it always to stay sharp and prevents it from breaking easily.

What type of mechanical pencil to choose?

When choosing a mechanical pencil to draw, you must take into account your style and the purpose that you are going to give it.

If you make very detailed drawings, it is recommended that you choose a mechanical pencil with an excellent lead and that allows you to work with precision. If you intend to make expressive drawings, you can select pencils with thicker leads and other less stable systems.

Similarly, think about whether you are going to use it indoors or outdoors, since in the latter case, it may be beneficial to choose a retractable head mechanical pencil that protects the lead during transport.

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Final Verdict

Hardness, stroke precision, erasability, maintenance, balance: now you know everything you need to buy the best mechanical drawing pencils online, based on your particular needs.

And don’t be afraid to make a mistake: a pen or a lead that is a little softer or a little harder must always be present on a designer’s desk! Check out our list of best mechanical pencil for drawing to get a clear idea.

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