The 5 Best Mechanical Pencil For Math In 2021

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What is the best mechanical pencil for math that exists in the market? It’s not very clear. Some architects consider the one brand to be the best mechanical pencil ever created; others believe that some other is superior. Some find both too heavy.

Because of the availability of various brands, the confusion is legit.

Top-rated 5 Best Mechanical Pencil For Math

We present five of the best technical pencils for math you can find on the market.

#1. Zebra Mechanical Pencil

Equipped with a metallic retractable mechanism, a rubber grip, and other exciting accessories, this mechanical pencil is multipurpose. It is more than recommended for traditional writing, technical drawing, and there are even those who use it in DIY.

It is an excellent quality, resistant product, designed for long-range work, it is less light than other similar ones, and you can also put colored leads to highlight the job with various colorful lines.

Given its potential, it will be a great ally in some workshops, galleries, offices, schools, or universities.

Things we liked:

  • The rubber grip allows us to hold the pencil longer
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comes with a replaceable eraser
  • Beautiful and sleek design

Things we didn’t like:

  • The pocket grip is not compatible with a polo shirt or t-shirt


#2. Pentel Graphgear 1000 Drafting Pencil

Finding a pencil to make appropriate strokes in drawing involves finding one that suits you and makes your work more comfortable. This one by Pentel Graphgear is ideal for math or traditional writing and the most popular on the market. It works with various types of leads, especially 0.5 mm.

It has a non-slip handle, an indicator of lead hardness, and a back cover that will indicate the size numbers that you should use. You can select a model for each number, for example, mechanical pencil 0.9 or 0.77mm, this is 0.5 mm.

Things we liked:

  • Beautiful design with pocket grip
  • Accurately weighted to have a great balance
  • Sturdy and tough as well as durable
  • Well-constructed body with an excellent mechanism

Things we didn’t like:

  • If you are comfortable with rubber grip., this model might make you a bit uncomfortable

#3. Rotring 1900183 Mechanical Pencil

If you are one of those who use the pencil for hours, one of these will come from knobs because it is not only resistant, but its sturdy hexagonal body makes it flexible, you can use it for hours without your fingers getting stuck.

It has an excellent grip and ergonomic grip, which makes it a unique device for work and the perfect complement to school supplies, giving you comfortable writing. It is a robust, resistant, precise, and durable device, and you can have subtle or fuller lines according to your tastes.

Things we liked:

  • Flexible, light, and ergonomic
  • An ever charming retractable tip
  • A finely crafted mechanical pencil for technical writing and drawing
  • Well balanced

Things we didn’t like:

  • There is no instruction for replacement


#4. Aviation Aluminium Mechanical Pencil

Thanks to the size of your lead, this device will provide you with a thick line, but you can carve the graphite lead as you need to make thinner lines. It is made of resistant aluminum and also incorporates a magnetic control by providing a magnetic ring.

This ring will help you to adjust accordingly. If you are determined to buy something that gives y a high performance to make strokes and writings, this is undoubtedly an option to consider. It is more comfortable and durable than a traditional wood graphite pencil.

Things we liked:

  • Suitable for technical drawing
  • Sleek and straightforward Aviation design
  • Unique magnetic control for better balance
  • Easy to carry

Things we didn’t like:

  • The leads are a little brittle


#5. Rotring 600 Series Mechanical Pencil

Again, this brand puts at your disposal a quality product, made to withstand constant work. It is a high-performance gadget; it is designed in resistant and high-end metal.

It has a tip, a button, a knurled rip area that is metallic, and non-slip. It has a hexagonal shape that will allow you to give the grip the stability you need for a specific type of stroke.

It is designed to work with .5mm, and .7mm leads. It is also quite light and effortless to handle. It comes with spare leads.

Things we liked:

  • Hexagonal body for stability and balance
  • Beautiful finish
  • Knurled grip area
  • Easy to use and carry

Things we didn’t like:

  • The tip is of poor quality

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Considerations Before Buying

Several details will be useful to you when purchasing one, and it is information that can be used for a suitable selection. So, when choosing, you should pay special attention to:

Pressing a button

It is perhaps the most common and least expensive mechanism of all. It consists of pressing a button that can be on the side of the device, at the top, or in a clip, with each press, the graphite advances by a specific amount, variable according to the manufacturer.


The pencils containing this style are among the first ones created, some manufacturers still maintain this style, and it mainly consists of a rotating piece generally located on the top of the device.

In each turn, a quantity of lead comes out, it is precise, and it gives you the advantage that you release just the amount of lead you need, no more and no less.


It is usually inflexible devices, these almost always have two types of rubbers, and in the union between both rubbers that make up the body of the gizmo, you can press to either side, and the lead will come out. It is fast and innovative.


With this, you should not press, press, or activate anything; the pencil does it by itself when detecting a slight lead in the pressure against the paper. It saves your work, but not all users like it, you must analyze if you are one of these before choosing.

Lead size

There is a wide variety of leads to use with these devices; some of them are made for specific quantities of leads. Others resist the use of two or more different ones. In any case, the type of writing will depend on the size of the lead.

The standard measurements are between 0.5 and 07 mm, but there are also 0.2 and 1.3 and even 2mm.

Grip section

This is the part where you take the Math Mechanical Pencil, and it is made of different materials and diameters. Ideally, it should be comfortable and easy to grip.


Here you will also find a lot of variety, and selecting one will depend on what you like best. Metal, plastic, rubber, silicone, polystyrene, rubber, are just some of the most common.

Final Verdict

An excellent mechanical pencil for drawing can be somewhat cumbersome for writing. So, finding the best mechanical pencil for math is crucial. Furthermore, establishing which are the perfect mechanical pencils for math will always be subjective.

But hopefully, this article helps to get to the bottom.

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