Best Printers For Printing Shipping Labels [Expert 8 Picks 2021]

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Best Printers For Printing Shipping LabelsTechnology is rolling the world with each passing day. New products continue to hit the market, making life more comfortable.

Manufacturers have also continued to adapt to the technology by bringing easy to use and affordable devices to the market. Also, out of this, customers’ demands are met on time, saving their time and giving them value for their money.

Are you working in an office or business? Do you need a label printer? I have got the best printers for printing shipping labels is Rollo Label Printer.

Again, you will understand their features and benefits, not to mention the merits and demerits. Additionally, you will be more enlightened on how to choose the printer that will serve you well.

Tor-Rated 8 Best Printers For Printing Shipping Labels Review 2021

1. Rollo Label Printer

Rollo printer is a high-speed printer and is ideal for commercial use. This printer is compatible with eBay, Etsy, and the Barcode printer. It is also available in black and gray, and its size is 4by 6.

ROLLO Label Printer - Commercial Grade...

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Outstanding benefits and features

High-speed: This printer is the perfect deal for printing labels because it has a speed of 150mm/s. Also, it doesn’t require any toner because it works with thermal technology.

Compatibility; This printing machine is compatible with windows and can work with email, phone, or desktop.


  • It has a high speed
  • It is compatible with shipping platforms


  • Doesn’t work with all labels

Final verdict

The Rollo printer is the best printer for printing shipping labels


2. Brother QL-720NW Professional Label Printer

This is the best printer for printing shipping labels, and it is available in black and white, and it boasts high speed.

Brother QL-720NW Professional,...

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Outstanding features and benefits

Automatic cutter: Unlike most printers, the Brother QL-720NW has an automatic cutter that performs an accurate cut after every label is printed. This cutter also helps in forming labels with customized sizes. However, one has to refer to the user manual.


  • It is fast in printing
  • It has a high resolution
  • It is convenient


  • It has a low software
  • It doesn’t work for FedEx

Final verdict

The printer is fast, reliable, and convenient.


3. Dymo Label Writer 450 Twin Turbo label printer

It’s one of the awesome printers for printing shipping labels, and it’s available in black and silver and magically prints 71 labels in a minute. It works with thermal technology, and it prints labels and envelopes.

DYMO Label Writer 450 Twin Turbo label...

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Outstanding features

Thermal printing technology-This technology does several things for the printer. One, it makes sure that the printer doesn’t require a toner or ink. Again it increases its productivity and makes it compatible with windows 7.

Time: This printer dramatically saves your time because it prints directly from excel, Microsoft Word, and other programs. This feature also maintains high productivity.


  • It eliminates waste well
  • It is fast and saves time
  • It prints labels of high quality


  • It requires additional software configuration

Final verdict

The DYMO printer is fast, and it has a favorable price.


4. Zebra GX420D Thermal Label Barcode Printer

The Zebra printer is the perfect deal for printing labels and has USB and Ethernet connectivity.

Zebra GX420D Thermal Label Barcode...

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Outstanding features

Speed; This printer boasts 6 inches per second speed, making it reliable as it can save time.

Design: The zebra printer has a unique design and can support several applications and industries.

Adjustability: Most of its features are adjustable, including the sensor, cutter, and peeler.


  • It prints quality labels
  • It has a compact and unique design


  • It is not reliable


5. DYMO Label Printer

The DYMO label printer has the monochrome printer type, and it’s a good printer for shipping labels.

DYMO Label Printer | LabelWriter 450...

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Outstanding features

Speed: This printer provides a fast labeling speed because it has the DYMO software. This feature enables it to quickly print address and file folders.

Easily creates labels; The DYMO printer creates labels directly from Microsoft and other programs and can access google contacts.


  • It is easy to install
  • It is easy to use


  • It does not have a power switch

Final verdict

The DYMO printer is ideal for your home office and eliminates waste well.

6. Mflabel Label Printer

This is a 4by 6 printer and boasts a high speed, thus making it ideal for commercial use.

MFLABEL Label Printer, 4x6 Thermal...

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Outstanding features

Convenient: This printer will give you easy printing time. That’s because it doesn’t have any paper jams and doesn’t require ink. Besides, it has a high resolution and is durable.

Speed: The printer will give you as many labels as you want because it has a high printing speed.


  • It is compatible with windows
  • It is easy to use


  • It doesn’t print quality labels
  • It is not compatible with mac

7. Phomemo Label Printer

Your search for a high-speed printer ends with phomemo printer. This 4by 6 device uses thermal technology, and it’s available in color white.

Phomemo Label Printer- 4''×6'' Label...

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Outstanding features

Label identification: This is a smart printer because once you insert the label, the device will automatically pick it up and pass it to the printer. It also has a high-speed label marker.

Speed: With this printer, you are assured of getting as many labels as possible within a short time. That’s because it has a high speed of 150mms/s.


  • It is easy to set up
  • It has a manual hence good for starters


  • Doesn’t connect to a Wi-Fi router

Finals verdict

The printer is easy to use and prints the best shipping labels.


8. Dymo 450 Turbo Thermal Label Printer

As you buy this printer, it has two rolls of labels, and each roll has 350 labels. The printer is relatively cheap.

DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo Thermal Label...

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Outstanding features

Software: This device has DYMO stamps software that enables it to print USPS-approved postage instantly from your desktop for free.

Thermal; The printer is more reliable because it uses thermal technology and saves you the hustle of inks and toners.


  • It works with label writer
  • It eliminates waste


  • It doesn’t have instructions for template downloading

Final verdict

The printer is easy to set up and use.


FAQs for For Shipping Labels Printers

Do label printers require toners?

No. That’s because they use thermal printing technology.

Can one use any software with the label printers?

The printers vary. That’s because some don’t come with their software. However, most of these label printers are open to any software. Some people even download them from the internet.

Are the printers compatible?

Yes. Most of these label printers are compatible and can use Ethernet or USB. This enables them to get information from the internet or feed from the computer.

Can they print anything else apart from labels?

No. The label printers are specifically designed for printing labels only.

How To Choose The Best Sipping Labels Printers

Here are some of the things you need to consider when buying a label printer.

Size and speed

Most printers’ size is dictated by the volume of printing that you will do in a day. Some printers can handle a massive volume of label printing while others can’t.

Therefore, it is crucial first to understand the volume of your printing needs because it will help you choose the perfect size. Also, the speed of the printer comes in in this. If you have heavy printing volumes, you might need to consider a printer with a high printing speed.


This another major factor to put into consideration before purchase. Printers have different connectivity options. Some can be connected to a pc, which means that your printer will have a USB port.

Also, some printers allow multiple users, and with such, one has to get a printer that can use Ethernet.

On the other hand, if you are considering buying a portable printer, you will have to check if it’s compatible with a Wi-Fi router. Also, you should check if the printer has label design software. If it doesn’t, then you might be forced to buy another software to design your label.

However, the type of software will also be determined by the volume of printing you have.

Lable size and lifetime

It is essential to know the label size that you will be using. That’s because it will help you choose the perfect printer. For example, if your label size is small, you don’t require a big printer.

Also, the longevity of the labels matters. If you desire to print long-lasting labels, you might consider having a printer that uses thermal technology.


Most fields require a printer. Whether you are in the manufacturing, education, or health sector, your need for a good label printer is inevitable.

These printers come in handy because they help us have quality labels for our products. Well, we all know that product identification is essential, and the quality of labels you use matters a lot.

Besides, labels are great in ensuring your products are well organized. However, getting the perfect printing machine might be an uphill task. That’s because there are many label printers in the market.

Luckily, this article has broadly expounded on the best printers for printing shipping labels. Besides, I know you now understand what to look for if you want to purchase a label printer.

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