5 Best Watercolor Pencils For Dolls 2021

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Best Watercolor PencilsPanting defines the stories of pain, sorrow, joy, or love! And the colors are the heart of the painting.

I wish If I were the color of the rainbow! Ah, it will be fun, no?

There is a proverb that artists are the God of color. They can play with their emotions with colors.

In the world of color, the best watercolor pencils give freedom to your creativity!

No hassle of sharpening and save time!

The pencils can provide firm techniques that pens besides tubes do not offer. These types of colors are better to apply strong marks for better drawings.

And that is the reason why so many artists prefer watercolor pencils.

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Here, I’m going to tell you how to get the right pencils for artists. Also, I’ll include a few of the excellent functioning watercolors available right now in the market.

Stay with me till the end of this watercolor pencils review to nail more!

5 Best Watercolor Pencils For Dolls – Comparison & Review 2021


1. Prismacolor Premier Watercolor Pencil

The Prismacolor watercolor pencil is a top choice for artists these days. To create a shimmering effect, the water-soluble cores are present. You get a smooth lay-down whenever you paint. The colors look bright and richly saturating which makes the picture more living.

You can use the color both dry and wet, so very convenient. Also with thirty-six premium watercolor choices, you can have more variety and experimenting experience. The water takes less time to mix and also the consistency is pretty good.

Overall, it is a good pick for anyone who loves to draw.

  • Covered in a convenient metal tin.
  • Pencils are sharpened previously.
  • Easy to mix.
  • A lot of color options.
  • Vivid and smooth enough.
  • Inexpensive for artists.
  • Gives a shimmering effect.
  • The colors are bright.
  • The only bad thing is the wood labels. But it can be neglected.


2. Derwent Drawing Inktense Watercolor

The Derwent watercolor pencils are also a quite popular choice among artists who crave bold, expressive drawing. The colors are pigmenting and laid-back to apply. The finish is vibrant and rich in brightness. It also offers thirty-six different color shades that are perfect for any concept.

The colors are usable both dry and wet. Also the time it takes to dry is comparatively less. The permanent colors are great for fabric painting.

There is an option to modify the requirements depending on the purpose. To be extra creative, you can mix the shades and customize a different shade.

  • It gives very nice coverage.
  • Spreads evenly on the page.
  • The blending is perfect.
  • The packaging is quite lovely.
  • A lot of variety of experiments is possible with the colors.
  • Looks rich and Vivian enough.
  • A bit waxy.


3. Caran d’Ache Neocolor Watercolor

With the Caran colors, you can add a lot of effects to your precious artworks. There are forty colors in the collection set which plays a decent role in providing fine texture. The brand is known to offer excellent colors for more than eighty years.

You can paint different materials. Starting from paper, glass, fabric, and whatnot. The coverage is mind-blowing and leaves a smooth and even drawing. You can use them both dry and wet with no lack of dedicated results.

The neo colors are an excellent choice to opt for, no matter what if you are a once in a while artist or a serious one.

  • Using them is fun and.
  • These Neocolors are good for acrylic drawings.
  • The laydown is smooth and creamy.
  • The Color setup is vibrant and bright.
  • It can be used on dry papers straightly.
  • Gives the most in-depth coverage of drawings.
  • The small set doesn’t include any salmon shade.


4. Professional Premium numbered 72 Colored Pencils

Get this pencil from a Professional if you are looking for an oil core but richly pigmented paint. The pencils are available pre-sharpened, and also it can be used for sketch drawing.

The delicate colors allow for perfect shading and to get the variety you can try blending them. Also, the picture seems bright enough.

The painting is even and smooth. There are seventy-two vibrant colors available to inspire your artistic feel. All the shades come in three nice-looking trays for better convenience and ease of use. Also, it could be the perfect gift for your art-loving friend.

  • A complete set to start with.
  • Pre-sharpened pencil set.
  • The layout is smooth.
  • Nontoxic core.
  • Three trays to add convenience.
  • It doesn’t include a sharpener.


5. Arteza Professional Watercolor Pencils

The pencil set from Arteza is a great tool to add more depth to your masterpieces. You can use the colors for blending, layering, and whatnot. To add extra drama to your canvas, you can try the colors and apply different effects.

The pigmentation is nice and rich in vibrancy.

There are seventy-two shades available to give you the freedom you need for creativity. The pencils are soft and have break-free cores. The light-fast pigment doesn’t fade too quickly which is very lovely.

The case that holds the color is suitable for carrying and gives enough protection. Overall it is a good quality pencil set to get for kids, teens, and also adults.

  • Nontoxic pencils, so safe for kids.
  • Ideal for carrying since comes with a case.
  • A comfortable grip included.
  • The six sides wooden case provides a better fit.
  • A few colors are too dry but can be fixed with more water.


How to Choose the Best Watercolor Pencils For Dolls

After swallowing up our watercolor pencils review, you are in the important section of our article.

Watercolor is a recent type of coloring tool. To find the perfect type of watercolor pencil you need to consider a few points. Here are a few of them.

See at a Glance, How to look like the watercolors

How looks like the watercolors

How looks like the watercolors

Dry and Wet Usage:

The colors should be used both dry and wet. Your paintings might need a particular type of coverage, and that depends on the concept you have. So it is best to choose a pencil that is capable of providing suitability.

Excellent Coverage:

A decent pencil set should give you excellent coverage. Anything that feels dull and shady isn’t good. You should be a bit picky here. A few conceptual drawings might look nice with the dullness. However, sometimes it will dissatisfy the whole purpose of drawing.


watercolor drawing

Easy To Carry:

A pencil set that fits in your pouch is the most suitable one. An artist doesn’t have a specific routine of drawing. He or she might get in a mood anywhere anytime. Also, it is good to have a tool suitable to take outdoors and paint when there is water available.

Gives A Good Collection:

A watercolor pencil set collection should have a good range of shades available. Because when you draw you need more suitable shades to match the aura and anything less can be annoying and demotivating. So check for that!

Read this guide to know How to Use Watercolor Pencils on your canvas and you should read the Quick Facts for Watercolor.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to blend colors and make a new shade?
Ans: Well, most of the watercolor choices would let you do so. If you understand the water mixing concept, it should not be a problem. You need to add a bit of water, and you are good to go.
Is it possible to get various effects with the colors?
Ans: Yes, it is very much possible. Most of the watercolor pencil drawings will allow you to use water dilution. It isn’t a mandatory thing, but it might be encouraging for better results end of the day.
Why does some artist use glycerin and honey additives?
Ans: These additives are great to enhance the texture of the colors. The fugitive and non-fugitive types of pencils are good for the purpose.
Top 4 Production Company of watercolor pencils

There are more than a few companies that have an excellent reputation for providing broad and coverage watercolor pencil collections. A few of them are also affordable which feels light on the purse.

  • Prismacolor: Prismacolor is a well-known brand that provides a bunch of sets at a good price range. The pigmentation and vibrancy they offer is unmatchable. Most frequently they are the top choice for most artists.
  • Derwent: Derwent is also a reputed watercolor pencil provider that has a bunch of nice sets to offer. If you are looking for bright and eye-popping shades then you might want to see the collection they have.
  • Caran d’Ache: There is also the Caran d’Ache Classic, one of the oldest in the industry. They are really reliable and always trying to provide more colors and shade options to match the artist’s concept.
  • Arteza: You might have heard the name of the Professional brand that is an excellent choice for beginners. They have a nice set of colors available. Arteza is another brand that is good for both professionals and beginners. No matter what brand you choose, you should be careful about the features.


Pencils must be kept with great carefulness, safely in spots where there are least chances of water damage.

Using a pencil is comfortable to learn and even leisurely to practice because the materials are promptly available in the market at reasonable rates.

The best watercolor pencils for dolls can make your canvas look more vibrant and full of life. So choose wisely.

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