The 5 Best Bluetooth Snowmobile Helmet 2021

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Do you know what is the best way to put your life in danger while riding both on the road or the snow? I don’t think anything else can be the best answer for that but doing it without a helmet.

The future is always uncertain, especially in the snow. The Bluetooth snowmobile helmet is designed to reduce the danger which often threatens your life.

There are lots of options for these types of snowmobile helmets where some are equipped with high tech and some create nothing but confusion.

So, getting the right one over here can be one of the trickiest choices. There is no way to compromise safety along with the comfort, padding, perfect fit of the helmet. I think this review is going to get you some of the best ideas on that.

Best Bluetooth Snowmobile Helmet Comparision & Reviews 2021

#1. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

You cannot think about a ride without a good build helmet. A motorcycle helmet is popular not only protecting your face and head but also offers various types of extra facilities.

In this case, some popular brand comes forward to make this helmet better. The ILM Bluetooth integrated modular Flip-up Face helmet also counted one of these.

As a Bluetooth helmet, this one also a good option. This helmet is not only popular but also well built. This helmet offers what a user needs.


  • Build with super quality
  • It protects your head from every type of weather
  • Available in various sizes.
  • Easy to connect to MP3
  • 8 hours ensured for minimum talk time.


  • Some user face problem with sun visor


#2. Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets

If your driveway getting bored to you then put the FreedConn motorcycle Bluetooth helmets on, and make the journey full of enjoyment. This helmet is well designed to attract the user and offer comfort.

This unique feature of this hamlet is one-button control. No more hassle to get multiple buttons for various operations. One button is for everything.

A great ventilation facility prevents your head from sweating. Most of the helmet comes with a fixed pad. But this one is not. So, anyone can change, wash easily the pad. So, making your helmet fresh and clean after every ride is easier.


  • Good intercom system
  • Quality build
  • Pads are removable, replaceable & washable
  • Better ventilation system.


  • Audio quality is not great for some situations.


#3. Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako

Some helmet is not only to wear but also work to support your body to make your body posture right. Torc helmet is one of these which comes with not only cool design but also has some weight.

It can redefine your structural ability when you put this helmet on. This helmet also designs to take a heavy impact during the crush or any other accident. So, your head is going to be fully protected.


  • Easy to use in Foggy situation
  • Scratch resistance
  • Very much comfortable
  • Comes with breath deflector facility


  • Heavyweight


#4. TORC TB27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth

A helmet is not only to protect you from heavy crushes but also to reflect your taste in the driveway. So, This TORC TB 27 full-face modular helmet is the one which comes with a good, perfect, and slick design which also draws the attention of the user and others after putting it on.

It also features Bluetooth technology. This technology will guide you to receive phone calls. But this is not the last thing for this helmet. To listen to some music it will give you the best support.

For the riders GPS navigation becomes essential. Bluetooth can be used for such things as well.


  • The Shell builds on high-quality material
  • Good for better airflow
  • Perfect for sun visor


  • It is noisy because of the ventilation system


#5. Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Modular

People love to use the latest technology in almost every product. A motorcycle helmet is not out of the list. Some helmet also has a few features which are very much essential for the bike riding.

This helmet comes with Bluetooth technology, which is common in recent times. You can receive and make a call using this technology. This tech also offers you to listen to music and get an almost perfect GPS navigation system.

A helmet should be well designed for a better ventilation system. This one is also one of those which offers the same thing for the best airflow.


  • Better ventilation system for airflow
  • Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity
  • It has a duplex mode


  • Sometimes pads didn’t fit perfectly.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some important questions and answers for Bluetooth snowmobile helmet

What is the best snowmobile helmet?

Answer: when winter is knocking at the door, then getting necessary gears becomes necessary like the helmet of a snowmobile. But getting the best snowmobile helmet is not a hard job to do.

You can also check for a snowmobile helmet as well. There are many popular brands for snowmobile helmet like ILM, O’NEAL, AFX, etc. there are also a few types you can get like snowcross, modular, etc.

Is there a difference between snowmobile helmets and motorcycle helmets?

Answer: Yes, there are a few differences between snowmobile helmets and motorcycle helmets. Snowmobile helmet designed for safety issues and have thermal insulation, breath deflector, etc. on the other hand motorcycle helmet comes is the good air ventilation, lenses, comfort, etc. But you can use the same helmet for both snowmobile and motorcycle.

What is a modular snowmobile helmet?

Answer: This type of helmet specially designed in both internal and external ways. But the basic feature you will find on the front side of the helmet. It offers you to lift the front up and down in both ways of the helmet. It is also known as a flip-up snowmobile helmet.

What brand of the snowmobile is the best?

Answer: There is lots of variety in the snowmobile helmet.

All these come with some extra facilities with a different design. There are X4, CKX, Snow Master Helmets, HJC Helmet, Vega Helmets, Ski-Doo, Typhoon Helmets, and many more.

Every brand is better in its way to serve your purpose. According to your need select one from it.

Are snowboard helmets DOT approved?

Answer: Most of the snowboard helmets come with this special facility. DOT approval ensures that the helmets are good enough to protect your head from any kind of crashes. So it is safe for motorized uses. This also indicates how strong the helmet is especially on the side of the chin bar. So, DOT considered multiple sides of a helmet for protection.

How do you size a snowmobile helmet?

Answer: Confusion arises when people want to size a snowmobile helmet. If the helmet is not the right or the perfect shape for your head, then there is a great chance for the severe injury during crashes. So, the helmet cannot be too loose or too tight.

But consider the gender there are some size differences. Many brands are concerned to offer a variety of sizes for the helmet. There are 2XS, XS, S, M, L, and many more in size. So pick your best one.

Final Verdict

Helmet becomes a life-saving companion for every kind of situation. But when you are going to face some extreme and rough and tough weather like the snow, then there are lots of things that come forward to consider.

In this case, the latest technology will guide you to find the right path where the Bluetooth snowmobile helmet is the king. Seeking for a good helmet becomes an obvious task for the snowmobile rider even for the normal motorcycle biker.

So, the riding style is the fact at all for getting a good helmet. It will save you in every weather and situation.

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