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The use of the boogie board magic sketch is booming due to their ease of use. They are digital devices that offer us a great variety of advantages, particular characteristics and their prices are very economical.

This is a device that we will find to choose from within a wide variety of models and brands. It’s called also the LCD e-writers in modern technology to teach writing our children smartly.

With the increasing use of the writing and drawing tablet, various manufacturers are bringing new models now and then, So, finding a good one is very tough.

In this article, we will explain all the information of interest to know before buying this writing tablet and also the boogie board blackboard review. Next, we will know what are the benefits of the best writing tablets and the different models of the market.

Boogie Board Comparision Chart

Best Boogie Boards Reviews 2021

We are going to give you a list of top ten writing tablet with all the aspects described.

#1. Boogie Board 8.5-Inch LCD Writing Tablet

The screen of this graphics tablet for writing measures 8.5 inches and the size of the product is 8.78 inches long and 5.59 inches wide.

This model is available in the colors blue. It can also be purchased with an additional protective case in blue, black, red, and green tones.

The weight is only 3.95 ounces.


  • It is one of the most economical models in the market.
  • It is ideal for multiple uses such as whiteboard, sketchpad, reusable notebook, or notepad.
  • The LCD screen is pressure-sensitive
  • It is very light, so it is easy to move.


  • A protective case is not included with the purchase.
  • The screen size is smaller, so it can affect visibility.


#2. Jot 8.5 LCD Writing Tablet

This is another writing tablet and brand. It has an 8.5-inch LCD screen with a stylus and magnet. The approximate size is 10.8 inches long and 6.8 inches wide. It comes in pink and weighs 6.4 ounces. It is thin and lightweight.

You can create lines with a wide variety of thicknesses. The screen was designed in a way to make the writing clearer and brighter when reading. It gives you perfect text to read.

With this device, words and images can be deleted by simply pressing the delete button. It is also possible to prevent the writing from being deleted by simply pressing the lock button.


  • The screen is larger compared to other similar models.
  • On the back, it contains two magnets to place it on any metal surface.
  • Designed to provide a fully readable text.
  • Brighter and more clear


  • It is one of the heaviest compared to other similar models.


#3. LCD Writing Tablet – Sync for Note Taking

This is another awesome model and brand. The screen for writing is 9.7-inch LCD. It is 23.5 inches long and 8.31 inches wide. This model is available in black. The weight is 0.71lb. It is ultra-thin and lightweight, feels just like paper.

This device has an unlock button and a button to erase the image. It has Bluetooth for Sanrio to compatible devices. It is made of durable plastic and also includes a touch pen.


  • The stylus includes two tips, one thin and one thicker.
  • It has Bluetooth which can share with iOS and Android devices.
  • It is made of a resistant material.


  • It offers low brightness and contrast.
  • It may drop strokes sometimes.


#4. LCD Writing Tablet, Electronic Writing & Drawing Board Doodle Board

This writing boogie board tablet manufactured by Sunany has an 8.5-inch LCD screen. The size is 8.7 inches long and 5.9 inches wide. The descriptions mentioned in this comparison refer to the black and pink model. It also contains a stylus and weighs only 5.9 ounces.

This is a tablet that stands out for having a very thin design, so it is very easy to store. It is a model that can create lines with different types of thicknesses and also contains a delete button.


  • It is a model that has an excellent quality-price ratio.
  • It is very thin
  • The battery of the delete button eliminates more than 100,000 times.


  • It has no lock button.


#5. Boogie Board Scribble and Play Color LCD Writing Tablet

This writing tablet manufactured by the popular brand has an 8.5-inch LCD screen. The dimensions are 9.5 inches long and 7.4 inches wide.

It is available in the colorful avatar and its weight is only 7 ounces. It includes a stylus. You can delete text and drawings with the press of a simple button. It is easy to use, manipulate, and move. It is a multifunction tablet since in the back it has teaching resources.

The housing is made of very good quality plastic, so it is safe to use at home, at school, or in the office.


  • It has four tools for writing and.
  • It maintains toy safety grade
  • Housing made with very resistant materials.


  • In spaces with a lot of light, the strokes are not easily visualized.


#6. Play and Trace LCD Writing Tablet

This model has an LCD screen and includes 5 replaceable AAA batteries. The model is unique in look.

Children will find it interesting. It weighs 13.6 ounces. It includes a touch pen that measures 12.3 cm.

With this tablet, you can trace various images and words. It can create lines of different thicknesses according to the pressure that is made.


  • AAA replaceable batteries.
  • It comes with several tracing templates.
  • Two tipped stylus for different strokes
  • Comes with iOS app


  • Smaller screen size.


#7. NEWYES 8.5 Inches LCD Writing Tablet

It model from Newyes is another economical model among others. This device has an unlock button and a button to erase the image.

This screen cleaning switch can be cleared up to 500,000 times. The screen of this graphics tablet for writing measures 8.5 inches. The size of the product is 8.7 inches long by 5.7 inches wide.

The weight is only 3.9 ounces. This compact size makes it easy to Carry yet more comfortable to use.


  • Very economical and budget-friendly model in the market.
  • The battery of the delete button eliminates more than 500,000 times when normally the performance is up to 100,000.
  • Erase with a single button.
  • Its lightness gives excellent mobility and comfort


  • A protective case is not included with the purchase.
  • Low brightness hinders clear visibility


#8. LCD Writing Tablet, 8.5-Inch Writing Board Doodle Board

This graphic tablet for children is one of the super kids Boogie Board and the best thing about this model is its large 8.5inch screen that allows your little artist to draw as if it were a DIN A4.

So it will not be too small, nor will it be too large.

In addition to being the best writing tablet for children, it is very cheap and easy for you to learn to draw without spending paper.


  • It has pressure levels. The more you squeeze, the thicker the stroke will be.
  • Very easy to use
  • Multipurpose use- for kids, home and office
  • It works with batteries, which lasts a lot.
  • T stylus has its doc and a magnet


  • The entire screen is deleted.
  • No connection to export the data.


#9. Jot 4.5 LCD Writing Tablet

It’s a children’s tablet is another of the best on the market at a very economical price. It is only 4.5inch long, almost like and mobile.

Compact, easy, and economical. The touch is very similar to that of paper.

It has a more professional and elegant design that is very close to normal graphics tablets but smaller. A perfect device for taking notes and for the office.


  • It can be hung on the wall.
  • LCD liquid screen.
  • Light and very thin, so comfortable to carry even in pockets
  • Pressure-sensitive, so you can easily make strokes on it


  • It has no memory to save what is written or drawn
  • Somewhat short-lived battery


#10. LCD Writing Tablet, Doodle Board

This last model we present is a doodle board with an 8.5inch screen. It is one of the cheapest models and those that take away an afternoon of screaming and running around the house.

What we like most about this tablet for children is that it is a multipurpose device. It has its LCD screen of liquid crystal-like the rest of the models but with better resolution. Bright lighting makes it easier to use.


  • Comes with a customized stylus with various thickness
  • You can write and clear more than 100000 times.
  • Light and thin in construction making it easy to move and use
  • Comfortable brightness is easy on eyes


  • It is not possible to save the drawings in the notes. None of this type allows it.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Boogie Board?

Answer: Best tablets to take notes and make notes.

They are touch screens that use LCD technology. They provide you with a quality experience in creating texts and drawings. They are ideal for us to write on the screen notes, notes, lists of tasks, or draw.

With the use of these mobile devices, you can also collaborate with the environment, since it is an ecological product. You don’t have to waste paper, a pen or pencil.

These digital writing tablets work like a notebook. However, some do not have a memory to store the data. Sometimes they also lack any connection to easily export the information from the tablet to a mobile or computer.

How to Use the Writing Tablet

Answer: Write freehand on the screen. Simply write and remove how you need it.

These tablets for writing are very easy to use. You can write as if it were a notebook. You only have to use the stylus on the screen and start making the strokes you want.

Depending on the pressure we make, the line will be thin or thicker.

After finishing the text or image we can delete the content by pressing the delete button. If we want to preserve the words or the drawing, we can save the document without problems. This is a product that anyone can use.

What are the Benefits and Advantages of a Writing Tablet?

Answer: This is a device that respects the environment since we will save paper when drawing or taking notes. They are suitable for children who are learning to write, draw, or beginning to know the numbers.

We will no longer have to worry if they paint the walls. Nor will we need pencils, pens or markers, since we will always have the stylus at hand. The battery of the delete button is long-lasting. It has a yield between 100,000 and 500,000 deleted.

It is an ideal device to use both at home and at school or in the office. Both adults and children over 3 years can use it.

Why should I Use a Writing Tablet?

Answer: Using this writing tablet is advantageous on many levels since it is an electronic device. It will save you a lot of time and make a difference and real savings.

This is important for the speed of writing and note-taking. Indeed, having a writing tablet guarantees a quick note-taking. A single button lets you erase what you want when you want.

It’s fast, and it’s very effective. Besides, the writing tablet makes your child want to write. We know how close children are to our electronics!

Using a writing tablet is also a good way to avoid unnecessary clutter. A notebook is more complicated to manage than a tablet. Even aesthetically, you probably opt for the tablet, right?

But beyond its aesthetic aspect, it should be noted that the writing tablet is a good way of keeping notes. Having information kept in a tablet is guaranteed to have them at any time, without much trouble, to find his notes and reuse.

Why continue to use paper when you have this jewel of technology?

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Boogie Board

Before we proceed to purchase a writing tablet, we will have to pay attention to certain factors that will help us make a successful purchase.

The factors that we must consider are the following:

Make the Right Choice of a Writing Tablet

A writing tablet is not only for the luxury of owning it. She should be able to combine business with pleasure. It is therefore important that beyond its characteristics, it is effective and does the best for what it was designed for: take notes.

To find the writing tablet with a screen that gives you the impression of having paper in front of you. Take the right screen size!

Good size allows you to have a good grip, but also to enjoy a certain comfort. Do not neglect this detail.

The resolution of the screen is also a factor to take seriously. If your resolution is not good, you can damage your eyes. So look for a writing tablet that takes this element into account.

For example, opt for a writing tablet capable of offering a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. This is the equivalent of a full HD resolution. It is ideal for accurate reading and impressive comfort.

How Old is Your Child?

It seems like the most important point because here we can distinguish two possibilities.

If your child is between the ages of 5 and 13. They are going to use it to scribble some things, to entertain him on long journeys or in that kind of thing. In this age is possible to easily operate the boogie board dashboard because It’s enough kids friendly.

In that case, I would like to recommend the cheaper ones. They work like a column, can be transported anywhere. They are for instant drawing and deletion without saving anything. 100% fun.

If, on the other hand, your child is older, you should opt for a graphic tablet for adolescents of the traditional ones.

These can be connected to the PC to work. The bad thing is that you lose the freedom to take it anywhere.

Inches of the Screen

They have LCD screens that contain different sizes. The most normal is that they have a dimension between 8.5 to 13 inches. According to our needs, we must choose the one with which we have the most comfortable and greater visibility.

Delete Button

It is also very important to evaluate the battery performance of the delete button since this will depend on the useful life. In most cases, we can easily change the battery so we can continue using it.

Touch Pen or Stylus

All the writing tablet contains a touch pen or stylus. This accessory is more or less than 10 cm long. Also, this stylus can contain one or two tips.

One of them is thin and the other is thicker. The tips offer us a great diversity of lines, which will depend on the pressure we use when writing on the screen.


These devices are very light. However, some may exceed 200 grams. They can be uncomfortable to use. We will have to choose a model that meets our requirements and is very light.

Pressure sensitivity

For such an early age, it is not something we need to put much emphasis on. Pressure sensitivity is important when drawing becomes an important hobby or something else.

For someone who takes their first steps, it’s not the most important thing.

Advantages of Writing Tablets

Improve Fine Motor Skills of Children

Fine psychomotor skills refer to the coordination of small muscle movements such as those in the hands. It includes activities such as drawing, handling scissors, using building blocks, making crafts.

Fine motor skills are important to learn to write, to tie your cords, to pick up cutlery, or to brush your teeth. Children are continually learning since they are little by grabbing objects.

From the age of 3, you’re fine motor skills increase. At school, they enhance their skills with games and exercises that stimulate hand-eye coordination.

Writing tablets make it easy for children to grab the pencil and write or draw. How to erase is simple they can practice and improve day by day.

They Save Paper

When writing on these devices, we don’t have to use paper. They can be erased and reused thousands of times. Since the 60s paper consumption has not stopped increasing.

Only 10% of the world’s population consumes more than 50% of the paper in the world. However, much of this use could be avoided. Using recycled paper and increasing digital alternatives such as writing tablets or digital books.

They Look Great and are Versatile

They use LCD SLR technology. They provide a good experience for both drawing and writing. Being black background the drawings or letters stand out more.

You can create different thicknesses according to the force with which you write. You can even write with nails or other objects!

Some models come with a lock key, which allows the writing not to be accidentally deleted (for example if you have taken important notes).


Designed for children, these devices are lightweight and very resistant. Most models weigh between 118 and 190 grams, depending on sizes. LCD screens are manufactured to be very resistant to use.

Cheap Maintenance

These tablets use button batteries, which are very economical. The type of battery lasts approximately 6 months.

Do not Stain

Do not worry about stains on clothes or walls or home furniture. With these tablets, children can draw for hours without staining. They have a key that by pressing clears the screen.

Final Verdict

With this, we finish the article on the best boogie board on the market. I want to remember again that it is not necessary to spend a large amount of money on a good piece of the writing board.

With a little research and smartness, anyone can get this tablet with all possible features.

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