Working With The Right Tools – Colored Pencil For Sketching

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When embarking on a new colored pencil project, picking the right color and tool is vital, it is what differentiates your work and distinguishes it from an amateur or beginner’s work. In the artwork, one tool you can never displace is the pencil, whether you are a beginner or a pro, colored pencils are the backbone of any colored pencil drawing project. You can read my colored Pencil Review.

One of the concrete foundations for any colored pencil project is sketching. While the traditional idea is to start sketching with graphite pencils, colored pencils have also grown popular as a sketching tool in place of graphite pencils.

This is because it is easier to scan and pick up on the camera. Colored pencil for sketching helps you capture the moment, scene, mood, ideas and direction in small white paper space. The primary focus of pencil sketching is to help you focus, and reflect on the details you want to capture.

Right tools help to save your time – Colored pencil for sketching

Colored pencil for sketching is a brilliant way to explore inspirations and concepts and will save time especially when there is a time constraint in the colored pencil project. With sketches, you can create the basics of your drawing and move on quickly.

Often times people find it difficult to give honest feedback on the final outcome of a colored pencil artwork, however, when the work is still in progress and being shaped out with colored pencil for sketching, it becomes easier to inspire feedback since it is still a work in progress.

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Using colored pencil for shading helps to bring your drawing close to the highlights and details you would like the final drawing to have, these days, there are several brands available for a colored pencil for shading and colored pencils for drawing, hence deciding on a particular brand that suits your style could be difficult.


Right Pencil for sketching

Basically, choosing a brand that best brings your sketches to life is a personal preference, once you can stick with a brand, it would become easier to mix and match several colored pencils to sketch.

Another thing artists consider when choosing colored pencils for shading is the quality, this matters because, only artiste grade and higher quality materials can deliver quality hues, highlights, colors and give life to a colored pencil artwork.

How well the pencil glides over the paper, Its lightness, and smooth strokes across the paper surface is also crucial when choosing colored pencils. Several brands satisfy these criteria. Read the article to know properly that How to Color with Colored Pencils

Bellow those are Top Manufacture that are affordable means you can test anytime.

Prismacolor: This is one of the top choices for beginners and professionals. They are made of soft wax and blend well on all art surfaces to create varieties of shades and hues, which is why s a perfect tool for shading and sketching. They could also be quickly erased with the different brands of colored pencils eraser in the market, making it easier to correct sketching errors.

Derwent artists: the slightly waxy colored pencils are perfect for sketching, mixing, and blending. The colored pencils brand is created with the artist in mind and useful for all steps of colored pencils drawing, from sketching to finishing. The colored pencils set is explicitly created for professionals with a more muted palette and cadmium that makes sketching, shading, and blending easy and helps to define sharp details brilliantly.

BIC Conte: for artists who love using colored pencils for sketching, you can never go wrong with the BIC Conte Coloring pencils. The top-notch brand is made wood-free and has a superb synthetic resin design that gives no splinter when pencils break. The brand is affordable and provides even coverage. Its 3.2mm pigment-based lead gives it a smooth and consistent coverage as well as a sleek finish.

Faber-castell Polychromos: its rich pigments that work excellently on paper is one of the features that has made the colored pencils brand popular among artists who prefer color pencils for sketching. It doesn’t require hard presses when trying to achieve brilliant hues, and its swift tips make it easier to sketch ideas and capture the moments before it fades away.

Pablo: the water-resistant colored pencils set is ideal for shading. Its superb lightfastness has increased its covering power and also given it a soft and creamy feel making it a one-stop for all colored pencils maneuver and techniques.

Colored pencils are not only essential ensembles for drawing, but they also play a primary role in sketching and shading. For artists who are looking for a fun way to sketching without sticking to graphite pencils, colored pencils are a better alternative that helps you capture the moment in your sketching and shade with ease.

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