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Colored pencil is creative, it is one of the most popular means of expression and has become a popular art, and it is rapidly gained appreciation in the art realm.

What used to be an object of play for children has now become a tool for masterpieces in the art galleries. The popularly known colored pencils for kids has morphed into professional-quality colored pencils that contain a higher degree of pigment and wax to allow for a richer, and luminescent color.

The inspiring thing about using colored pencil to create images is that it is accessible to everyone, with constant practice and dedication, anyone could hone a top-notch skill as a colored pencil artist especially with the availability of realistic colored pencils and colored pencil classes to enroll.

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When colored pencil artists use colored pencils, they consider their quality colored pencils and their light, fast function. Colored pencils allow artists to depict quality images that are equal to none in the artistic realm.

Mastering the art of maneuvering the colored pencil to create the best images could be quite daunting, it requires a deep understanding of blending techniques, application procedures, technical abilities, and color theory.

The mastery of these criteria has paved a path for a lustrous career in the art world.

Know about the 5 Famous Colored Pencils Artist

Artists who have been able to combine several traditional approaches with exceptional initiative have made a name for themselves in the art industry with a colored pencil have become a source of inspiration not only for beginners but to those who draw inspiration form quality artistic creations and have a keen eye for photo-realistic painting.

Here is the top colored pencil artiste you should have at the top of your list.

C.J Hendry:

This colored pencils artist has created a niche by sticking to a monochromatic palette style. The Australian artist who had no formal training in art has turned her passion for colored pencil drawing into a career.

Her focus on photorealistic drawings has gained the attention of the world especially with the uncanny ways she captures images with colored pencils. Her concentration ranges from consumer products, luxury, and photo-realist images.

Her Instagram page contains different creative colored pencils art making her one of the top colored pencils artists to follow on Instagram.

Morgan Davidson:

Morgan Davidson is a prolific illustrator from Florida who has endeared people to her artwork because of her exceptional ability to create detailed, realistic, and colorful images. She is a realistic pencil drawing artist that has distinguished herself with the colored pencils technique.

The passion for drawing and her budding artistic career which she started from a young age has given her an edge over her contemporaries. With a degree from Ringling College of Art and Design, her artworks are drawn mostly from nature which is brought out with the combination of several textures to bring out entrancing images.

Her works have attracted millions of followers on Instagram and have made her one of the most popular colored pencil artists on Instagram.

Anne Kullberg:

Anne Kullberg breakthrough into the art world was a journey of dedication and hard work, although she never had a formal art education she began expressing herself through colored pencils art at a young age and revived her keen interest after she graduated and married.

At a time where the colored pencil market was unsaturated, she brought light to art through colored pencils art. The several challenges she has faced while building her life and career have significantly inspired her to create captivating images.

It wasn’t until 1997 that she had a life-changing breakthrough with North light Books when she had the opportunity to other her book and expressed herself to the world through art.

Marco Mazonni:

the Italian based colored pencil artist is a phenomenon that has created a brand for himself by creating detailed colored pencil images. His work centers around appreciation and homage to the art of healing and healers, which is why you find his work infused with a metaphor to express their story.

In a significant way, his work also shows appreciation for nature by expressing the relationship between the healer and his plants in a way that resonates with life.

Heather Rooney:

photo-realistic drawing is a challenging focus in the colored pencil world, her lifelike artwork has bagged her a lot of appreciation and follower-ship on social media platforms.

The self-taught illustrator has been producing quality and appreciable artwork since she was in high school and continued to develop her art while in college. These days, her followers can get in tune with her readily as she shares her works in progress through time-lapse videos and shares her exclusive artworks.

Significantly, colored pencil artists have been able to share significant experiences through numerous mediums and projects with their unique understanding and use of colored pencil techniques and tips which has gained them popularity and appreciation in the art industry.

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