Most Important Drawing Tablet Tips for Artist and Designer

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Now a day, we are living in that generation which totally depends on technology. Various types of the invention make it faster, especially in our daily life activities.

Developers and scientist are still pushing their limits. They want to invent more and more things which can serve well than the present situation. Drawing tablets are one of those.

A few years ago we cannot imagine a drawing tablet. We use paper, pencil, brushes for drawing. But using a drawing tablet makes this most innovative and easy. But people who are very professional in this field want to use the best tablet in the easiest way with good quality.

If you are going to use this device for the first time, then you need some suggestions in every aspect. Some drawing tablet tips are given below which can help for the best use.

Drawing Tablet Tips For Artist And Designer

Most of the professionals want more facilities to make their work enough comfortable. So before using this device a professional also need to check these facilities which are described below.


In a drawing table, lots of programmable features are attached. Buttons are most common to provide this type of facility. Here some list is given below which can be checked in your devices.

  • Stylus Side Switch: Developers are trying to redesign the stylus. They are adding more features like side switches. This switch makes your work faster. The basic function of stylus switches is double click and a single click. If the button is more programmable than you can change the default function and set another command.
  • Express key: Almost every tablet has these types of keys. The user can use these keys as a keystroke and shortcut for the program.
  • Touch Ring: In some latest design you can find a touch ring. This ring is very much sensitive. The functions of this ring are.
    • Scrolling and Zooming
    • Layer Editing
    • Canvas Rotation
    • Brush Size, etc.

Stylus Feature

For a drawing tablet, a stylus or a pen is one of the compulsory things. There are lots of things depend on this tool. If you do not feel comfortable with it because of the weight, or cable or switches then you should avoid these tablets.

You can also know about the function and Configuration. When you are buying a drawing tablet then you also focus on the extra features of the stylus which can be described in below.

  1. The Nib: Most of the tablet manufactures company offering stylus with some extra nib. There are soft nib and some hard nib. Basically, the hard nib is good for drawing something on the surface of a tablet. The soft nib is a counterpart for drawing.
  2. Eraser Tip: For drawing eraser is one of the most common tools. So developer attached eraser facility with the pen. This eraser also works like the pencil eraser. It is modified as a pressure sensitive eraser.

Inspire of good skill in drawing and designing you may face various types of problem. Some people get frustrated soon. Even professionals also face the same problem sometimes.

But if someone sticks to the plan and doing what they need to do with a drawing tablet then the success will come to them. There are lots of differences between a computer mouse and a pen for using a drawing kit.

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Everyone needs some time for being comfortable with a drawing tablet. Some people play with it. Trying things will give you the change to make changes. You can also change the setting.

If possible, then experiment with all the functions and features. Here some tips are given below to make this device comfortable and suitable for you.

  • Don’t rush: At the first time do not rush with your project with a drawing tablet. If your project deadline is knocking at the door, then don’t use new tools. If you have enough time, then be relaxed and do what you want with the tablet.
  • The Basics: Try to learn the basic tips and techniques using the pen. Keep trying these things in the default-setting mode.
  • Configure manually: You can also configure the setting and the pressure sensitivity of the stylus as well. Which setting is suitable for your work, you have to find out it.
  • Practice: There are lots of commands to the devices. Use commands to identify the role like dragging, clicking, moving objects, cut, copy, zoom, paste, layer, etc.
  • Masking & Layer: a photograph is the best option for using various types of tools which can give you a clear idea for using it. You can edit it, reshape it, move it, put some mask on it, and change the tone of color, brightness, and many more things. Most of the professional use a photograph for random use to know more about the tools.
  • Copy: Another use of full trick to know more about the tools is open a blank image and a photograph. You should try to draw this photograph on the blank image.
  • Warm Up: Most of the time warm up can give better result. Before you start your work, can do some warm up activities like writing something, playing games like solitaire. It will give you some boost with your pen.

There are plenty of tips for using a drawing tablet perfectly. Some people still do not know how to connect their drawing tablet with a computer. Here some tips for it.

Step 1: first of all you have to start your computer then follow the process

Control panel > Hardware and Sound > Set up your pen

Now you will see a box where you can configure all the setting of your pen or stylus. Now click ok. You also need to check right-handed or left-handed mode as well.

Step 2: In this step, you can choose some preference for your tablet. And the path is given below.

Control panel > Hardware and Sound > Pen and Touch > Pen Option > Double Tap > Double Click > Setting.

Now you have to adjust the speed and spatial tolerance using the slider. Now click Ok. There are some other tabs are available named Flicks, Handwriting, Touch, etc. Go to the Flick tab. You can configure some other setting navigational flicks, Sensitivity of pen and touch, etc.

If you do not get a good tablet with all kinds of necessary things, then you are surely going to frustrate. First of all, we can talk about buying tips. Many people do not know which types of the model need to choose or how to check the configuration.

Let’s talk about it. You have to consider four basic things for selecting the best drawing tablet and these are.


When you are going to choose a drawing tablet, then your first concern will be the size. For an artist or professional in a matter a lot. If you do not have that kind of skill, then you have to struggle to fit the subject in a small screen.

So large screen will give you more favor than a small one. But for the detail work, you may need a larger screen. On the other, you have to keep it in mind that it will take much space. There are various sizes are available on for drawing tablet. But to the main category, we can mention.

Small Tablet: The range is starting from 4 inches to 16 inches.

Medium Tablet: above the 19 inches.

But if you need larger tablet, then you can get an extra-large screen for drawing.


It is also another factor which needs to consider before selecting this device. Because of multitasking, many people want to connect their device to other devices for various types of activity. Most of the dawning tablet can be connected with two devices.

  • Computer
  • Camera

Camera or computer can be connected with the tablet through USB cables.


There are various types of accessories you will get with the modern and latest model of drawing tablet. All these accessories are playing as a good helping hand. You need to check some accessories with your drawing tablet.

  • Stylus or pen is good enough for the task or not
  • All the drivers provided by to develop are compatible with tablet or not.
  • There are any untethered pen or not.
  • There are any kind of screen protector or not.
  • Rubber Nibs
  • USB Cable
  • Power Adapter, etc.


If drawing is your hobby then you do not need to buy a drawing tablet with a high price. On the other hand, professionals can pay some money for it. In the market there are various types of model and brand are available for this product.

According to quality, brand, and model, the price can vary.

You can buy some drawing tablet with cheap price but quality and performance are questionable. If you want to buy the best quality with performance, then you have to pay some extra money for it.

The good news is most of the brands are trying to manufacture tablet with affordable price. They are also focusing on various types of user like students, professionals, etc.

If you are getting used to with it, then obviously the computer mouse is not going to work anymore for your drawing. You are going to love it.

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