Drawing Tablet vs Drawing Monitor – Ideal Differences

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Technology makes our life easier than we thought. In every sector, you can use various types of machines or electrical device or other accessories which have a touch of modern technology.

Even you can draw something on the monitor or any kind of tablet surface. A few years ago, we cannot imagine these types of devices having in our lives. We use all these devices in our everyday life.

It is also helping us to do our task in professional terms. If we talk about a specific one, then you will get a clear idea about it.

Many designers, artist, cartoonist, the photographer is using drawing tablet for various types of editing, graphics designing, and drawing as well.

Ideal differences of the drawing table and drawing monitor

There are various types of devices available in the market, which are specially designed to do these types of jobs. But people get confused about which one will be better for them.

Drawing tablet vs. drawing monitor, which device is best, in the long run, is possible to find out only when you have the complete details about it.

Drawing Tablet

Basically, it is a hardware input device. This device is for artists who can work in digital form. Most of the drawing tablet has a sensitive touch or surface where people can draw things although it’s cheap drawing tablet.

At first, people face some problems with it because it’s not like a pen or paper. In 1888, this cool device is invented by Elisha Gray. There is some calculation for drawing especially for color and curves.

In a few days, it will be easier for you when you will get over learning the curve. To know more about you can read the positive and the negative side of a drawing tablet.

There are various types of drawing tablets are available for both professionals and beginners as well. Sad but true that a drawing tablet has limited uses, comparing a drawing monitor. Let’s discuss some general uses of this device.

  1. Designer: There are lots of people who are work using Illustrator, Photoshop, and much more software. Even the artist and graphic designer also use this tablet. Because of the way of use, it’s become less time killing process for them.
  2. Industrial: In many industries, most of the engineers & architects use this device because they can work fast with it.
  3. Healthcare: In many medical facilities and health care institutions is using this device for serving the purpose related to health care. Generally, doctors use this device for writing prescriptions and put some digital signatures as well. All these things can be done in a few clicks.
  4. Education: It is common that the teacher is using projection screens. To guide in a large screen, teachers use a drawing tablet. They can easily demonstrate or her students easily with the pointer from a previously saved document in spite of drawing or making a new one.
  5. Business: To demonstrate their service or product with some screen, then they use this device.
  6. GIS Mapping: It is one of the most important uses of a drawing tablet. Graphics Information System (GIS) mapping use this device and take control over it because of ease of use. For accurate coordination, emergency response, and analyze data this device can serve faster. You can also get quick access to any data as well.

A drawing tablet is one of the coolest devices for designing and drawing as well. For a perfect drawing tablet, you have to consider some facts and its features as well because every drawing tablet has some unique characteristics which can make your job done easily. So let’s talk about all these features.

  • Stylus: Most of the tablet comes with a pen called a stylus. This is the heart of your drawing habit. If this stylus feels heavy to you then try to avoid it. The stylus should be light and wireless as well.
  • Pressure Sensitivity: Every professional want a perfect touch that can illuminate their work. Every line, curve, the color must be highlighted smoothly.
  • Multitask: Multitaskwill give you some opportunity. All the task depends upon you. Just define your way of using it.
  • Hot Keys: Some drawing tablets are offering various types of hotkeys. All these keys become more essential for professionals. For some quick action and function, these keys are essential.
  • Portability: The drawing tablet is lighter than the drawing monitor according to its weight. You have to think about size and weight. The drawing tablet needs to be connected to the computer. If you cannot carry it easily outside because you have to disconnect all the connection from the computer. If this device is are light and small in size, then it will be perfect for your use but not to carry.
  • Design: If the design is looking good then you will feel energized when you hold the device and deal with it, then you will feel the difference between a drawing monitor a drawing tablet.
  • Durability: Every people want to use all these devices which last for a long time. Durably also a crucial part of using the device. Drawing tablet can last for a long time. If the device is not durable then you will get some problems with maintenance. It will hamper your work as well.

From the above discussion, we can come to a point that a drawing table basically comes with two parts and these are.

  1. Surface
  2. Pen or Stylus

All those people can describe their advantages practically. But we can discuss some to know about it.

  • Accessible: Anyone can use this device. There are lots of people who do not know about Photoshop, illustrator, or any kind of graphics software. In this type of situation, people can use this device easily.
  • Accurate: By handsome lines or color, the shape can differ one from another or according to the object. But in a drawing tablet, you cannot find this type of variation. If you want or you have proper knowledge about it, then you can simply perfect shape and color.
  • Similarity: Most of the professional draw and design their things on paper which are attached to a hardboard. These devices also work as same as you. You will feel that you are drawing on paper using a pen.
  • No restriction: A paper has limited use. Overlaying can damage the subject or paper. But you will get full freedom to draw and overlaying in this device.
  • Eco-Friendly: Now a day, people want to use all these things which are Eco-friendly. Using paper can pollute the environment and waste any material. So, you can use a drawing tablet for your work which cannot be wasted.

This device has some disadvantages as well and these are.

  1. Expensive: Most of the drawing tablets are expensive. But there are some tablets that are available which are cheaper than others. But it cannot ensure quality.
  2. Investment: We know that drawing is a hobby for some people. But drawing in a tablet needs a huge investment.
  3. Comparison: Sometimes the computer mouse is better than a stylus or a pen.

Drawing Monitor

There no major difference between the drawing tablet and the drawing monitor. The drawing monitor is specially designed for drawing on the monitor directly which has touch capacity.

The touch monitor is totally built-in with the hardware. When you are going to draw something on this touch monitor, then you will feel that it’s like a paper you drawing with a brush. Some drawing tablet has a pressure-sensitive pad, but this monitor does not have one like that.

Most of the professionals are diverting to use drawing monitor instead of drawing tablet because it is easier to use than tablets. Let’s discuss some drawing monitor below to know more about them.

There are lots of advantages to a drawing monitor. That’s why most professionals prefer a drawing monitor over a drawing table. Some advantages are given below to know more about it.

  1. Visibility: A drawing monitor is perfect to see want you are drawing on the screen. There is full visibility. But this advantage you are not going to find in the graphic or drawing tablet. So, you can easily see what you are drawing on the monitor.
  2. Easy: In a graphic tablet you have to focus on both the surface of the tablet and monitor. You have to maintain the balance in it. But in the drawing monitor, you do not need such things to do. It becomes very easy to draw on a drawing monitor.
  3. Faster: You need to invest some time for drawing with a drawing tablet. But a drawing monitor is faster. You need less time to draw.
  4. Portable: A drawing monitor is portable. You can carry it everywhere, anytime. You do not need to connect it with another device. But a graphic tablet needs to be connected to a computer.
  5. Regular work: A drawing monitor not only for drawing but also for regular work like another tablet. If you have a stylus with it, then all the jobs will be faster for you.
  6. Cordless: Most of the drawing monitor comes with less cord. You do not need to

It is true that a drawing monitor is costly comparing another drawing device like a drawing tablet. Because of the easy drawing, drawing monitor getting popular. This device also comes with some other facilities. These are.

  • Light in weight
  • Less cable to adjust and manage
  • Eye-catchy drawing surface with good color vibrant, etc.
  • Its durability is more than a drawing tablet.
  • Hotkeys
  • Higher pressure sensitivity
  • Battery-free

Maybe a drawing monitor is good enough for the professional in many aspects. But they are still facing some problems with this device and these are described below.

  1. Sparkle: Sometimes displays show some color sparkle.
  2. Heat Issue: most of the time a drawing monitor heated after using few hours. You can feel it in your hand.
  3. Express Key: Some drawing monitor does not have express keys.

Day by day, professionals are being used to this device. Some people are still trying to use it. It is also the coolest part of the designer who can imply their imagination into reality within a short time which some colors and lines.

If you have any kind of personal choice for using a drawing tablet or drawing monitor, then you should be prepared for the best experience for these devices.


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