Gel Nail Polish Vs Regular – Find The Difference

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Beautiful nails are a massive part of one’s beauty and personality. Different people prefer different kinds of manicures that reflect their own unique style and taste.

There are a lot of kinds of nail paints in the market today and this kind has different finishes and wore out time. They are also different regarding the material that is been used and also the application process.

The common term that we often hear today regarding nail color and nail art is gel nail polishes or gel nails. You might have different quarries on this issue that which kind of nail paint will be suitable for you and what are the main differences between these two.

If you go through this discussion you might get some basic information about these two and help you to choose and distinguish between these. There is also a detailed guide on nail kit for information about other nail related products too.

Gel Nail Polish vs Regular Nail Polish

Let’s divide the discussion into common sections for you to understand the key differences between the two types of nail products.

The Basic or Key Difference

Gel and regular nail polish both have the same purpose which is adding color and sparkle to your nails. Both are nail colors and both are applied in the same way but the main noticeable difference between these two kinds of products is after application most of the gel nail polish needs a UV or LED lamp to put your nails under it that helps to nail coat to harden and dry.

Whereas traditional or regular nail polishes don’t need that extra step. You can easily air dry it. People who use gel nail polish on a regular basis have to put on sunscreen as frequent contact with UV light can cause damages to the skin.

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Some people confuse gel nails with nail extensions, because of the curing under UV lamps. Gel nail polishes are not nailed extensions; they are just a coat of color. Extensions are mostly known as acrylics.

Application Process

The application process of gel nail polish and normal nail polishes are almost the same but gel nail polishes need a bit more time to prepare the nails. if you want a proper clean edge of your manicure if you are using a gel nail polish you need to make sure your natural nail bed is completely clean and free from any product or oil.

Gel nail polish needs an extra-base coat before applying. Whereas you can skip this part in normal nail polishes if you want but it is suggested for a better finish and safety for the nails. Then there is the main difference that is the curing under UV light, which we have discussed earlier.

Curing takes a lot less time than air drying regular polish, this is another difference between two. And then you finish off with a topcoat that is a must for gel nails and suggested for regular nail polishes also. The topcoat of the gel nail polish also needs curing under UV light.

Removal Process

Like the application process, the removal process also takes more time considering gel nail polish rather than regular nail polishes. In regular nail polish case, you can easily wipe it off by using nail polish remover or acetone soaked cotton ball or cotton pad. It depends on how thick your nail polish coat is or how many coats you have applied to remove the polish completely.

But in the case of gel nail polishes, it takes a lot more time and effort as the polish hardens off. You need acetone-based nail polish remover for gel nails.

You need to soak the nails with acetone in a cotton ball and wait for the polish to soften for at least 10 to 15 minutes, again depending on the thickness and number of coats. Then you have to peel or slide off the nail color with the help of nail tools or nail spatula.

Longevity and Wearing Off

Comparing which kind of nail color that stays longer on nails, the answer would be gel nails. because of its chemical composition and the curing under UV light makes it very long-lasting compared to regular nail color which can chip or smudge easily.

Gel nail polish is an extra layer on to your nails which is said to last on a minimum of more than a week or so without any discoloration or chipping. Regular nail polishes today also offer a newer kind of formula which is also long-lasting like gel nails.

But gel nails are mostly popular for its long lastingness and finish, that’s why people go through the long process of applying it.

Both gel nail polish and regular nail polishes have the same amount of popularity amongst nail art enthusiasts. It depends on the different preferences of people while choosing the type of nail polish.

Some people choose a simpler way of applying and removing nail polishes so that they can reapply often. Some people choose the longevity of nail polishes. In both ways, both nail polishes can provide beautiful results if allied properly.

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