How does a drawing tablet work – The mechanism of a drawing tablet

We made our life much easier than before. We are still trying to do our best for making our life more comfortable. In every sphere, all the terms of our life turn into a perfect shape.

But the biggest touch which made our life easier is technology. If you look around then you will find that most of our daily activities need some help of technology. Every day we are sending SMS, calling someone, taking photos.

Now a day, we can think about some task which was very hard to do. Even the drawing and designing process. From the beginning of designing or drawing we had to use paper and pencil.

It is not possible to carry paper & pencil and other accessories all the time. Inventor of many electronic devices like the computer also introduces some device for this kind of specific task.

You will find various types of electronic devices which are especially designed for this kind task. You may hear about the tablet. It is also known as a graphics tablet, drawing tablet, pen tablet, etc. from the name of this device you can easily imagine the job of these machines.

Most of the people do not know how to use it and what a drawing table can do. If you do not have drawing sense or computer related knowledge than it will be very hard for you to work with this tablet.

The mechanism of a drawing tablet

Drawing Tablet

A drawing tablet is the combination of some electrical parts. It is completely a flat surface where people can draw something using another device like an electric device like a pen or stylus.

Before we use this device we have to know about the function of this device. These devices help you to make your job done. So, you need to know every function for best use.

Now let’s talk about the drawing tablet and the working process. We can discuss about it step by step.


All tablets need an active connection with USB Plug. It is most important to make tablet working. You also get a pen called a stylus which is also connected with the tablet.

When you are drawing any kind of lines on the surface of the tablet then the line will not appear on the surface of the tablet. This pen will send some signal on the tablet and the line will appear.

Monitor or Surface

Every tablet has a monitor. Some people called it surface. This surface is the main part where people can interact directly. People can draw any line or shape without a paper. You can draw anything directly.


Most of the people are familiar with the pen, but not with a stylus. It is a pen which is connected with the tablet to send some signal or command to drawing some shapes.

Most of the stylus connected with a cord. It is also a battery powered tool. You will get free space to move your pen. Wireless styluses are getting popular. There is a coil circuit into the stylus.

When someone is trying to draw and giving some pressure on the surface, then the circuit reads the pressure and sends the signal through the stylus. There is one more thing and that is a pressure sensitive capacitor. It measures the accurate line and length following the signal.

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Electromagnetic Signal

There are one more signal worked called Electromagnetic signal. This signal received from the circuit of the stylus. In the short term, we can say that the stylus is actually working as an antenna which sends the signal to the tablet.

Display data

The Electromagnetic signal has a final work to do and that is transferring the line to the screen which is visible to us.
From the above discussion, we hope you will get some clear idea about the mechanism and working process of a drawing tablet. There are lots of facts also helps a drawing tablet function properly or using a drawing tablet perfectly.

If you do not consider these facts, then you may face some problem with the tablets. To make your tablet functional with the best support then you have to also know about these things.

First of all, need to know all the hardware and its function as well. Some are described below.

  • Active area: This is one of the most important facts for the user. Active area is that area of the tablet where the stylus pen will work or react. This total active area is allowed for drawing. Most of the tablet has an edge which is surrounded by the plastic which is used for the casing. Most of the active area configured according to the size of the monitor. Some details are given below.
    • Connection to monitor: Active are very much responsive with the monitor. Before you connect, you draw tablet with the monitor, you have to keep in mind about the quantity of the monitor you have or need to work.
      • Single monitor: all the area of your monitor will maps of the active area.
      • Multiple monitor: On the other hand multiple monitor will act a single active map.

When you place the pan on the tablet, then the pointer will move on the monitor in configured maps. In a simple way, the pointer will follow the same path according to the movement on the surface of the tablet.

In recent days, tablet manufacturing companies are producing drawing tablets which surface is totally labeled. But professionals facing the problem about the size of their project because it doesn’t fit well in this small area, so they have to work more for the resolution and specification.

  • Pressure Sensitivity: Ultra-sensitive are very much responsive surface will give you some extra benefit during the drawing session. Pressure sensitivity also works according to your drawing skill and style as well. So test the sensitivity at your end. Most of the time the pressure level starts with 300 to 3000. But you have to careful while choosing a tablet because some tablets are set with 1024 range. But higher pressure will be the best option for you. For the best use of pressure sensitivity, you have to ensure the following things.
    • Check the connection of the tablet with the computer.
    • Install the driver perfectly.
    • Check all the preference of the driver
    • You can also try some different software for variation.
  • Resolution: Higher LPI will give you a high resolution. At present, high details and graphics become very much demanding. For Sharp graphics and high-resolution images professionals seeking for higher LPI. Some people are trying to convert their skills from HD to 4K. So high depth drawing will give you the opportunity for clearer images.
  • Scrollers: When you are doing your job on the surface of a drawing tablet then you also want to move one point to another very quickly and easily. In this case, scroller will help you to do this task. Scrollers and gestures can be configured manually. You can easily determine the direction. There are dropdown menu where you can set all the setting you need for the scroller and standard gesture. You can use this facility for scrolling, zooming and rotating. You can also set specific command for some recognizable gesture and scroller.
  • Software: Software plays a great function for a tablet for function well. It is a connection and works as a bridge with a drawing tablet to the computer. Without installing the software you cannot run the device on the computer. When you connect the device to the computer for the first time, then you will be asked for a driver or software that need to install to run the device. You can do all these things from the control panel option from the computer. But you have the option to use other software like Autodesk’s AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Corel’s Painter, etc. All these software is able to make your job better with various types of command, techniques, and tools.
  • Marker Board: Graphic tablet also used as a marker board. For using like a marker board, the screen must be in large in size. You can use it for taking notes, capture some file or documents. In some cases, people also use it to make some outlines in front of any audience. Because of the easy use, it is also getting popular in classrooms where they use it as a marker board.

Some people use these tablets for capturing someone’s signature. In many shop, they are practicing it.

Most of the people are getting used with this device because of the way to use. It is a great helping hand for the professionals, especially for artist, architect, engineers and some others.

For producing various types of technical images and drawing this device become the most unique. If you use it, then you cannot deny the importance of its multi-functional facility. It will give you to use the whole computer monitor as a single screen for drawing.

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