5 Best Husky Pencils Reviews 2021 [Top Pick]

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Undoubtedly the first step that we take on the world, writing in our childhood is through a pencil.

But not every type of pencil is the same from the feature & performance perspective and among them, Husky Pencils can be a better option.

The top 5 pencils are reviewed below. Have a glance over them.

Best Husky Pencils Comparison & Reviews

#1. TICONDEROGA My First Pencil

For writing and drawing, there is no better alternative than pencils. We started to write and draw with this coolest thing.

This type of pencil is not only your first pencil, but many people have some feelings about it.

For the child who is trying to develop their handwriting, a pencil of this diameter is essential and ideal as well. This pencil does not compromise with quality.

Top-quality lines that can be corrected easily with any kind of eraser will give you more room to write or draw something.


  • Lightweight
  • The dimension is 2.5 x 0.9 x 7.8 inches
  • Yellow color
  • HB
  • Exclusive graphite formula
  • Nontoxic

#2. Dixon Ticonderoga Beginners, Primary Pencils

There are a hundred types of pencils you will find. But all types are not suitable for all types of people.

According to the types, you will find a pencil for beginner to professional. Dixon Ticonderoga Beginners’ primary pencil is one of these.

For basic handwriting and drawing, this pencil becomes a handy tool for everyone.

Most of this type of pencil available in yellow color which also comes as a set of 12 pencils. It is an HB pencil, which needed for beginners.


  • Total dimension is 2.5 x 8x 1 inches
  • Yellow color
  • Wood is a basic material
  • 12 pencil in a set

#3. Jumbo TOT pencil, Round

These types of pencils are popular in the United States of America. It’s also ensuring the quality with better service.

This pencil from one of the oldest pencil manufacturer companies called Musgrave pencils. The lead of this pencil is thick enough to give a perfect line or shape.

So, it becomes an ideal pencil for the people who are in a beginner stage. The design is different from other pencils because it has a round shape which lets the pencil hold easily.

This thickness is almost 4mm. The full set of this pencil is a different and equal color which the metallic blue and the red.


  • Thick lead
  • Extra-large eraser
  • Round in shape
  • Easy to hold
  • 4 mm lead
  • Available in two colors

#4. Ticonderoga Beginner Pencils, Wood-Cased

If you think that a pencil is easy to hold for the large and small hand then it not right. Some pencil is very much suitable for a small hand. This pencil is one of these.

It has 13/32″ round shape which easies to hold. You can try it for your children at the early age of drawing and writing. In this pencil, the proprietary formula is applied.

As a result, a sharp and smooth line can be drawn easily. There are two options available for this pencil. One is with a latex-free eraser and another one is not.


  • Round shape
  • Microban antimicrobial protection
  • 12 pieces in a set
  • Yellow color
  • Very much lighter
  • Easy to hold

#5. Emraw Pre Sharpened Triangular

Some pencils made for every day used especially for the kid. This pencil is one of these which comes in a triangular shape that makes the grip comfortable for the kids to write or draw.

This pencil does not need to sharp frequently. It can last for a long time after a single sharpening. This package covered with 6 pencils which is great for spending a specific period with this set.


  • Triangular shape
  • Easy to hold
  • A natural grip
  • Long-lasting
  • Comes in Classic yellow color
  • Easy to erase lines

Final Verdict

If you are going crazy to find a perfect pencil, then husky pencils are a great solution which comes with some variety.

From the above option, you can choose the right one. So, well research will help you to get the best one.

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