The Expert 10 Nail Artists List of 2021

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Top 10 Nail Artists ListThere are nail art enthusiasts across the globe, and some people have managed this passion as a profession. They love their work and this makes them one of the top nail artists around the world.

Amongst them, we will put the spotlight on the top 10 nail artist who has proved themselves and achieved precision in their creativity and made them familiar amongst not only general people but also celebs too.

Artists put their best on what they do and involve the best ever techs and techniques in their work.

According to the customer’s preferences, these talented nail artists put different tools and products like buffing tools, shaping tools, drill machine for nails, UV curing lights, Polygel options and come up with the best ever and most creative looking nail arts ever.

Expert and Top 10 Nail Artist List in 2021

Let’s know a little bit more about these topmost nail artists.

#1. Karen Gutierrez

Karen Gutierrez

PHOTO: Instagram/@karengnails

Karen Gutierrez is a Mexican nail stylist who was brought up in L.A, California, US. Being a BA in psychology, she turned her career towards nail art and fashion as it was a matter of passion to her.

Her passion soon started to flourish her creativity and boosted up her career. Her intricate nail art designs and enthusiasm made her one of the topmost nail artists.

Now her nail trends are followed by many popular celebrities’ in addition top-notch fashion magazines featured her nail designs. She always looked up to glamour and the fashion industry.

Today her nail designs are appreciated by the most popular line of celebs and captured by one of the best photographers in the industry.

Instagram Profile: Karen Gutierrez

#2. Chelsea King

Chelsea King

PHOTO: Instagram/@chelseaqueen

From a very early age, Chelsea King has been into nail art and manicure. Her interest and hobby towards nail art made her a known name amongst many people including celebrities.

She is a nail artist from LA who has worked for a long time now and started writing blogs about nail art.

She is known for her intricate designs and use of colors.

Many popular magazines covered her work and she has worked for many celebrities and done nails for them personally and also for different shows.

She is constantly improving her designs and adding newer and latest trends to her designs.

Her focus on intricateness and attention to detailing creates one of the most eye-catching nail arts.

Instagram Profile: Chelsea King

#3. Park Eunkyung

Park Eunkyung

PHOTO: Instagram/@nail_unistella

Park Eunkyung is one of the best nail artists in South Korea. Her talent and creativity took her fame to the rest of the world. Her work has been valued among nail art enthusiasts across the globe.

Every single person who is in to nail art and manicures are bound to be fascinated by her work.

The way she incorporates glitters and flashy colors in her nail art is at the same time charming and elegant.

She also adapted to include nail jewelry in her nail art.

Her signature broken glass nail effect and ice nails are a show steal.

Her nail salon Unistella which also is apparently her insta profile serves lots of clients daily and emphasizes their nails with the most beautiful manicures.

Instagram Profile: Park Eunkyung

#4. Alicia Torello

Alicia Torello


Working as a professional nail stylist, Alicia Torello is one of the familiar names when it comes to nail art. Her works are well known amongst many top-notch celebrities.

She is one of the known names of New York when it comes to creative and unique looking nails. Her works are mostly known for her clean edge of what she does and her spontaneous yet outrageous designs.

You can trustfully on her way of putting things together. Her working with French tips made a huge impact on many nail art enthusiasts. She has combined creativity and style and turned basic nail designs into eye-catching unique ones.

You can check her official Instagram profile to get a peak at her exclusive work.

Instagram Profile: Alicia Torello

#5. Jessica Washick

Jessica Washick

PHOTO: Instagram/@jessicawashick

Another popular nail artist we will be focusing on is Jessica Washick.

She is a nail designer from New York and done some tremendous work during her whole career.

Her work is not just limited to nail designs only. She is also a designer for a popular brand called Nike.

She has been designing AF 1 line of products and has gathered lots of compliments for it.

She has also worked with many top-line brands and achieved success.

Some personal issues of her made her take nail painting as a therapy to keep her happy and alive, and this led her to become one of the known names for nail art.

Instagram Profile: Jessica Washick

#6. Madeline Poole

Madeline Poole

PHOTO: Instagram/@mpnails

Another celebrity nail artist filled with talent is Madeline Poole. In a short span of time, she has gathered much appreciation and compliments.

She started off by running a small salon of herself. Since she was younger she has been into arts and crafts. She used to love painting miniature things.

Her hobby and creativity made her realize how good of a nail artist she could be. She has now worked on many projects and everyone appreciated her work very much.

Her playing with different colors and patens and her outlined manicure caught the attention of many. Today she is a well-known figure in the nail art arena and also has been announced as an ambassador of a well-known nail and cosmetics brand.

Instagram Profile: Madeline Poole

#7. Lexi Martone

Lexi Martone


Lexi Martone is an Italian born nail artist who made her way to the glamour industry in a short period of time because of her creativity and dedication.

Since the beginning she wanted herself to be affiliated with the fashion industry. She also started fashion designing but apparently resulted in choosing the hobby as a profession.

Her creativity and passion for nail art made her what she is today. She also starred in different TV shows on popular channels like the food network.

Her different nail art and designs catch attention very quickly; specially her 3D nail art designs are to die for. Whether short length nails or long ones, she has proven to show her creativity in every aspect possible.

Instagram Profile: Lexi Martone

#8. Britney Tokyo

Britney Tokyo

PHOTO: Instagram/@britneytokyo

Britney Tokyo, an Asian nail artist born in Japan, is one of the most popular nail artists in this industry. She has been previously already a known face on TV.

The topmost celebrities love her work and ramp models have walked the stages with her mesmerizing work.

She loves to play with colors and creates one of the most extravagant looking nails.

From crystals to 3D nails to smiley face nail, she has done it all. Her glow in the dark nails is a talk between nail enthusiasts.

Her hand-painted nail designs are precise and elegant as well.

She is working on the latest trend now and has been amazing for her clients to date.

Instagram Profile: Britney Tokyo

#9. Taryn Granados

Taryn Granados

PHOTO: Instagram/@missladyfinger

Another topmost nail celebrity we will be covering is Taryn Granados, also known as Miss Lady Finger on her Instagram.

Bright and bold designs are her go-to.

She left her job to be a nail artist and we can proudly say she has taken the right decision.

Her work is intricate and creativity created the most eye soothing creations of all.

She even designs runway models like nail designs that can be in the limelight of any model at any time.

Her work is flawless and bold patterns or animal prints all kinds of subtle and flashy designs can easily behandles under her hands.

Instagram Profile:  Taryn Granados

#10. Stephanie Stone

Stephanie Stone

PHOTO: Instagram/@stephstonenails

Stephanie Stone is an L.A based nail artist who can deal with any kind o nail art designs pretty easily.

A simple nude nail art, or bold and trendy looking multicolored gradient.

She has done all of it. Also, the different themed nails that are in right now are a breeze for Stephanie. Topmost fashion magazines have taken her nail arts as their cover.

This gave her are a lot of appreciation and acquaintance with the nail art world.

She has worked with many top celebrities and all of them love her work.

Scrolling through her insta feed, you can easily figure out how precise, intricate, and eye-soothing her designs are. This is definitely a dreamland for people who are into nail art.

Instagram Profile: Stephanie Stone

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