7 Best PolyGel Nail Kit Reviews – Top Product of 2020

Does your nail take forever to grow but you want that long sleek look? Pre-made false nails can look unappealing if the shapes and sizes do not match your fingers accurately.

PolyGel nail kit is a modern-day solution. It is similar to doing acrylic nails but without having the disadvantages of them.

As acrylic nail extensions are not preferred by many because of it not being strong and flexible enough. So, a proper solution is choosing the best polygel nail kit that gives glaring nails in less effort, and it’s flexible.

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Best PolyGel Nail Kit Reviews, Product Comparision of 2020

Our Best Pick
Gershion Nail Extension Gel Kit 30ml...
Makartt Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit...
Coscelia Poly Gel Extension Nail Kit, 6...
4 Colors Poly Nail Gel set with 36W LED...
UR SUGAR Extension Nail Gel Poly Quick...
Gershion Nail Extension Gel Kit 30ml...
Makartt Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit...
Coscelia Poly Gel Extension Nail Kit, 6...
4 Colors Poly Nail Gel set with 36W LED...
UR SUGAR Extension Nail Gel Poly Quick...
Our Best Pick
Gershion Nail Extension Gel Kit 30ml...
Gershion Nail Extension Gel Kit 30ml...
Check more info
Makartt Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit...
Makartt Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit...
Check more info
Coscelia Poly Gel Extension Nail Kit, 6...
Coscelia Poly Gel Extension Nail Kit, 6...
Check more info
4 Colors Poly Nail Gel set with 36W LED...
4 Colors Poly Nail Gel set with 36W LED...
Check more info
UR SUGAR Extension Nail Gel Poly Quick...
UR SUGAR Extension Nail Gel Poly Quick...
Check more info

Amongst different brands, here are some of the features of some brands for you to decide the one for easily from the latest product of polygel nails reviews.

#1. Gershion Poly Nail Gel Kit 30ml, Extension Gel

One of the topmost nail extension polygel kits with a good amount of quantity is the Gershion Poly Nail Gel Kit 30ml, Extension Gel. It comes in a very sleek and trendy box containing the gels and tools.

Each box contains six different colors of gels, bean red, natural pink, skin color, dark pink, white, and clear are the six colors you get in this box. Every color is suitable for any skin color as natural nails.

With such color options, you can buildup whatever base you need to make. After drying up this poly gel nail kit is proven to last up to one month. It is said to be fast drying too.

With LED it takes half to one minute max and with UV it takes a maximum of two minutes. Due to its smooth texture, it is easy to build up any shape and size easily.

Some of the features include of this product:

  • A good amount of quantity in each tube.
  • Fast-drying.
  • Smooth texture to work with
  • Six different trendy colors.
  • Comes in a cute and trendy box
  • Durable yet flexible.

#2. Makartt P-01 Poly Nail Gel Kit Builder Gel Nail Gel

Another smooth and durable poly gel for nails is the Makartt P-01 Poly Nail Gel Kit Builder Gel Nail Gel. This poly gel nail kit comes in a box with all the necessary items that are required to give you salon-like nails at home.

The texture of the poly gel is very doable and creamy that is helpful for shaping up your nails as the required shape and size you want. The texture is easy to work with and comes with six colors that you can mix and match to get your perfect nails.

Colors include misty rose, light pink, dark pink, natural pink, clear, and bright white. All the colors are pretty enough to create a natural yet classy look.

The product is lightweight and feels like your own natural nails. So, no discomfort using nail extensions anymore. This one is clearly a file off removal, so you need to use a hand file or an e file to remove it properly.

Some of the features to look up for this product:

  • Creamy and doable texture
  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Top and base coats
  • Six pretty colors
  • Smooth and shiny finish.

#3. Coscelia 6 Colors Poly Nail Gel

The Coscelia 6 Colors Poly Nail Gel, is another great quality poly gel kit for those who are a newbie in nail art even suitable for nail technicians and professional nail artists.

The texture of it is very flexible and lets you create any shape easily and faster. This is useful for people who are new in doing nails yet want a beautiful finish like professionals. It is a durable poly gel kit that once if applied properly and maintained well can last up to two to four weeks easily.

The colors that are included in this kit are very pretty and somewhat similar to the previous kit. These are the basic colors that everyone needs to have whatever nail designs they are doing.

So you will not regret buying this as probably no color will remain unused. The product is easy to apply and a beginner can also give herself a perfect shiny smooth nails.

Some of the lucrative features of this product:

  • Easy to work with
  • Smooth finish
  • Suitable for both new users and professionals
  • Six unique colors
  • Good quality

#4. Fashion Zone 4 Colors Polygel Nail with lamp

If you are a beginner in nail art and want all the necessary things that are needed to do perfect simple nails and also gorgeous sparkly designs, this poly gel nail kit is probably the best one you can find.

From prep to doing nails and even after doing them, you have all the items that are needed in your hand. It also comes with a curing lamp so that you don’t have to buy a separate one.

For any beginner, the product has to be easy to apply and user friendly, and this kit covers all such points. Comes with four colors these gels are said to be free from harmful ingredients that ensure not only pretty but safer nails and hands.

Let’s go through its most attractive product’s features:

  • Comes with all necessary elements
  • Free from harmful materials
  • Long-wearing
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Four colors to work with
  • Eco-friendly

#5. UR SUGAR 2Pcs Poly Quick Gel Nail Kit

A simple and cost-effective solution to your nail art requirements is the UR SUGAR 2Pcs Poly Quick Gel Nail Kit. A basic poly gel nail kit that doesn’t have any extra fuss thus is very much suitable for new users who can get confused with so many tools and items.

It has only the important things that are required to make quick nail art. This simple kit contains two bottles of poly gels with which you can make whatever shapes you want.

After drying up it makes a durable and strong nail which also is very lightweight so that you don’t feel uncomfortable wearing it.

Easy to apply this kit is perfect for those who want the exact things needed for a simple nail design. You can also mix and match it by pairing up with rhinestones, confetti, or glitter as well, to add an extra spark.

Some of the features include of this product:

  • Easy to apply
  • Lightweight
  • Basic Colors
  • Natural-looking finish
  • Strong and durable

#6. UR SUGAR Poly Extension Gel Kit

Another similar quality poly gel kit is the CoulorButtons 2Pcs UR SUGAR Quick Building Poly. Lighter than any other nail extensions its formula is suitable for almost every nail type.

The smooth and creamy texture makes it easy to build any sort of shape and size in a very short span of time. The product is suitable for those who demand natural looking nails.

For the ladies out there who are a newbie in polygel nail art, this product might be a good option to start with. The kit can be used for toenails as well.

If applied properly, this formula can last many days. They come in two separate color tubes that can be used to make different varieties of pretty manicure designs on your nails.

Features include of this product:

  • Lightweight
  • Can be used on both finger and toenails
  • Stronger and durable than other extensions
  • Flexible to use
  • Easy and quick application

#7. COSCELIA 6 Colors Poly Nail Gel Kit

An all-round option for your nail extension is the COSCELIA 6 Colors Poly Nail Gel Kit. With six different pretty colored poly gels, there are so many options of designs for your nails.

The poly gel kit includes around 20 different elements that are required to make a proper nail design whether you are going for a subtle everyday design or a flashy party look.

This product will save you money as you will be taking less frequent trips to the nail salon. From preparing your nails till the aftercare of the manicure, there is everything included in this kit.

It has a big well-organized package where you can find everything easily. This also makes a nice gifting option for those who are into nail art. Lighter on nails than other nail extensions. A great DIY nail kit for beginners to regular users.

Some of its attractive noticeable points are:

  • Six attractive colors
  • All in one nail kit
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth and doable texture
  • Easy to use
  • Strong and durable.
  • Awesome gifting option

Polygel Kits Frequently Asked Questions

What is Polygel Nails?

Answer: Polygel is basically a nail extension material with which you shape above your natural nails first and then cure in under hardening lamps like UV or LED light lamps.

This product has both the good qualities of gel and acrylic. This is not as liquid as a gel or neither as hard as acrylic. Polygel is comfortable to use as it has that workable flexible texture.

With practice, anyone gets good looking nails with the help of this product. The poly gel can be used though nail forms, nail tips, and even bare on your nails.

Polygel is relatively lighter on nails and also doesn’t have that strong smell that other nail extension products have.

Does PolyGel ruin your nails?

Answer: There is a popular myth about poly gels that is hampering the natural nail bed. The poly gel is a substance that you put above your nails, so your natural nails are not visible at sight or don’t come in contact with open air.

So it is very crucial to apply your poly gel coating appropriately. Also, there is a certain process of removing it.

If you apply and remove it in an exact manner then there is less to no chances of your natural nails to get damaged.

Is Poly Gel better for your nails than acrylic?

Answer: Acrylic nails are a popular form of nail extensions. But considering the durability of nails after curing, poly gel nails are proven to be much more durable and long-lasting.

Poly gel nails require much fewer touch-ups than acrylic ones. They are easier to apply and the most important part, they are much lighter on nails in terms of weight.

Can you polish over Poly Gel?

Answer: To achieve the desired shine and finish, it is definitely needed and suggested to file, buff, and polish your poly gel nails.

After curing your poly gel nails it hardens up enough to hold up the shape you want, but to give it the natural nail like finish, it is required to polish them with nail buffers.

Maximum brands offer nail buffers included with the kit.

Is PolyGel healthy for nails?

Answer: Poly gel nail does not have any proven damage on natural nails so it is definitely a healthy option for your nails.

Can you use regular nail polish on PolyGel nails?

Answer: Yes, you can definitely apply any nail polish over poly gel nails. Poly gel nails are known for is a smooth and shiny finish. Its top is smooth enough to enhance any nail color.

It will be enough long-lasting as it will be on regular natural nails. But if you want more long-lasting nails you can go for gel nail polishes. Check this guide for more info about the difference of gel nail polish vs regular nail polish.

What is the difference between gel and PolyGel?

Answer: Both poly gel and gel nails have to be cured under light to harden up. But poly gel nails are said to be stronger than gel nails. Gel nails can often heat up during curing that in case of poly gel does not happen.

Also, poly gel nails are said to be more comfortable and light to wear than gel nails.

How do you use gelish PolyGel?


  1. Prepare the nail and put a tip on the top. Apply pH Bondon top of the nail. Apply a nail primer after that, preferably an acid-free one.
  2. Squeeze out a small amount using the spatula-like tool and put it on your nails.
  3. Dip the brush in the solution and smooth out the gel all over the nails to give it the desired shape.
  4. Cure under LED or UV curing light.
  5. Remove the form or tip
  6. To give it proper shape, file, and buff the nail properly.
  7. Clean up the nails properly.
  8. You can apply a gel top coat and cure to finish the whole process.

How do you get off PolyGel nails?

Answer: There are two ways you can remove poly gel nails, one requires soaking them and the other one requires filing and buffing. Both procedures take enough patience.

You can soak your nails in acetone and wipe the soaked gels off your nails. Or you can file the top layer of the poly gel off using different grade files and finally buff them smooth.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best PolyGel Nail Kit

Below are some of the important aspects that you need to know before buying a poly gel nail kit so that you don’t end up buying the wrong one or face any problem after you buy yourself one.


As the product we are dealing with will be a part of your own hands for a long period of time we cannot even think of ignoring the material that is been used to make the product.

Cheap quality poly gel nails can be harmful to your nail bed and disrupt the natural smoothness and growth of your nails. Also, a bad quality nail poly gel will eventually last a few days on your nails or start chipping very soon.

You probably would want your precious nail art to fall into pieces that you have prepared so carefully. So, carefully read the ingredients and choose a good quality material poly gel nail kit.


With all elements included in the kit, we cannot ignore that the main thing is the poly gel itself. So you need to carefully observe the amount of product is there in each tube.

Some kits have poly gels with a very small amount of product in it that supposedly will not last for many applications.

This will turn out to be dissatisfactory for you as you will have to buy yourself a new one every few days.

The amount of product needed for each nail differs from person to person. So you need to know the amount of product each kit has to offer to ensure value for money.

Color Options

Considering the type of nail designs you will usually do, you need to decide on what colors you prefer.

PolyGel Nail Kit Color Options

Though most of the poly gel’s colors are somewhat the same they also vary from brand to brand. Also, it is upon the person who is doing the nail.

If the person is new in gel extensions then probably one or two colors will be enough for them for practice. If someone wants nails with two or more colors in the same manicure than more color option kit will be suitable.

It is upon the desired look. Considering different brands, color options can commonly range from two to six.


It is necessary to have a kit that has a smooth and doable texture gel. Some nail poly gels might be durable and strong enough but also very difficult to work with.

Nail Kit Texture

To achieve the perfect smooth and shiny finish you need to pick up a nail gel that has a smooth texture. A gel with good texture is also required to achieve the perfect shape and size.

Is the texture is not doing enough then you will face difficulties in getting what you have in mind in your nails. To achieve the right shine, finish, and shape it is necessary to choose a gel with doable consistency.

Curing Time

When you have achieved the exact shape and size with your poly gel it is time to cure it. Some manicures require curing the nails even more than one time.

So it is necessary to know what amount of time your poly gel material requires to cure. There are two types of curing lights one is an LED lamp and the other one is a UV lamp

LED lamps take lesser time in curing than UV lamps. Again, different material poly gel differs in curing time, so choose the one with the lesser time in curing in both lights.

Removal Process

After you are done with your current nail design, you have to find ways to remove it. Naturally, a poly gel nail can be removed using the solution given with the kit that is used to put the gel on your nails.

The common procedure is to soak your gel nails into the solution for around five minutes and wipe it off when it is damp enough. But in the case of some poly gels, the texture can be made to harden the overall shape of the nail too much.

This can have an impact on the removal process as there can be issues in softening the nail up. So, carefully observe the materials used so that you can find the one that doesn’t need forever to remove.


Before you decide on buying a nail extension kit, you need to decide on the price. Different nail extension poly gel kits have different price levels according to the things that are included in it also the amount of product.

You have to figure out your budget first or else you will end up buying such a nail kit that you bought with a lot of money but actually do not like it that much.

Included items

Different brands have to offer different items included in the nail kit. Some brands even have LED curing lams included in it. Again some brands have only the necessary limited things that are needed for a poly gel manicure.

Some poly gel nail extension kits include all the intricate items that are required for even the most gorgeous and flashy designs. Also, they have some nail care products included also.

You need to figure out what products you actually need with the gels. Or else you will end up buying the stuff you already have like curing lamps or even toe separators.

Yes, some kits include that also. So, carefully observe the products that are included in the kit and choose the one with the things you need to avoid wasting money.

Final Verdict

If you are tired of regular acrylic nail extensions as they sometimes become heavy on nails also sometimes it is difficult to work with and achieve the desired shape and size.

Some people prefer UV gels but they sometimes fail to provide the amount of strength that nail extensions need. In such cases, you can go for poly gel nail extensions.

The best Polygel nail kit is said to provide you with smoothness and shine plus it is very durable and easy to apply. Poly gel nails are a bit light that gel or acrylic nails.

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